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Anyone done a road trip through BC Canada with their kids?

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funnyfoursome Tue 03-Mar-20 13:02:50

Hi! I'm wondering if this summer is the right time for this, as my husband is consulting sow e could go for 3 weeks. I have family on Vancouver Island and in Kelowna and haven't been for 20 years. Would ideally fly into Vancouver and out of Calgary. I just don't know what the kids would enjoy - they are 7 and 5 and to be honest their favourite thing on holiday is simply playing in the pool with each other. We are outdoorsy and love to travel but I can't work out if this is a trip we should leave for 5 years when they can do more advanturous stuff and won't mind the driving times so much. I haven't even got as far as looking into whetehr we would get a camper van or book self catering ....Any advice appreciated!

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underneaththeash Tue 03-Mar-20 15:19:24

I'd wait a couple of years. We did it with our 3 and it was one of the best holidays we've done, but several of the activities - bear watching on the panga, fishing, the downhill biking squad and the zip wires had an age limit of 7.

We did Vancouver, Tofino, Whistler, Lake Louise and the Niagra Falls (I wouldn't recommend the Niagra Falls bit though!)

funnyfoursome Tue 03-Mar-20 16:12:19

Thanks undeneath - that's good to know. My Aunt is 77 but fit and keen for us to go but I do think we'd have more fun in a couple of years!

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BubblesBuddy Tue 03-Mar-20 18:28:39

Vancouver Island is great on its own. It’s 400 miles long. DC are too young to enjoy everything but wouldn’t they enjoy chilling out and taking life at a slower pace? You don’t have to drive for miles. They might love seeing whales and bears!

Rainbows8117 Tue 03-Mar-20 21:25:18

I wouldn't worry about the ages too much, life is too short and kids will enjoy holidays wherever they go. I would consider what's realistic in terms of itinerary and drive time for their ages though. I think Calgary to Vancouver might be a really long drive but if you are breaking it up by staying someone new every couple of days and sharing driving it might be doable.

Vancouver Island is amazing, I'm keen to go again next year with my DS who will be 4 then. You could easily do one trip in VI area this year then the Rockies in another trip in a few years time - or vice versa (if finances allow).
There's so much to see and do all over West Canada.

showgirl63 Thu 05-Mar-20 13:45:48

When my son was 5 I took on first holiday as single parent to this area. Flew into Calgary for a few days then took Rockie Mountaineer train for 2 days through to Vancouver. After a few days drove to kelowna (where we had friends) in hire car (took a whole day). Stayed in kelowna for a week then drove back through vancouver to take ferry over to Vancouver island for a few days, then dropped car off at Vancouver airport for flight home.

15 years later he will still refer to it as one of his best ever holidays, however I think part of what I got right in the planning was breaking travel up into decent chunks, and the train through the Mountains was a fantastic experience.

SouthCoastShell Thu 05-Mar-20 13:55:50

We took our two children a few years ago and their favourite place was the Edmonton Mall.
Its HUGE ,there is a ice skating rink,crazy golf,aquarium, rollercoaster and the biggest indoor waterpark with wave machine we have ever seen!

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