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Corona Virus & NY

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Applejack87 Thu 27-Feb-20 16:20:52

Hi we’ve booked a holiday to New York first week of April , I’m really worried about the Corona Virus & being on a plane
Is anyone going away for Easter & have this concern ?

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Fairylea Thu 27-Feb-20 16:26:39

We are booked to go in May and I am a little worried however I think the way things are going we have as much chance of catching it from standing next to someone in the UK as we do from travelling to the USA... we are going to see what happens between now and when we go.

Pandamoore Thu 27-Feb-20 16:29:46

I was thinking about this too as want to do America this year. But I think I'd just be worried about being sick on the holiday and as America trips are usually...5 days or so maybe? I'd hopefully be home before symptoms. I'm not particularly worried about catching it. I just want to be safe in my own home when dealing with it.

maddy68 Thu 27-Feb-20 16:31:01

Just go and enjoy it. As much chance of getting is as you would here. Planes use HEPA filters in the Aircon so cleaner air than in your normal workplace .

Apolloanddaphne Thu 27-Feb-20 16:34:12

We are booked to go mid March and we are definitely going as long as there are no restrictions by the.

Applejack87 Thu 27-Feb-20 16:44:05

You’ve all put my mind at rest , it’s all we’re hearing on the news and I don’t want to be stranded in America if something happens

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3timeslucky Thu 27-Feb-20 16:52:33

You’ve all put my mind at rest , it’s all we’re hearing on the news and I don’t want to be stranded in America if something happens

What has put your mind at rest? And what has convinced you that you won't be stranded in the US if something happens? 4 people replied and only 2 of them are reassuring posts.

By April the situation will be different to now. You may or may not be advised to not travel. Even now you might or might not find yourself in quarantine/lockdown while away. And that is likely to still be a possibility in April. It is 5/6 weeks til you're going and there is no way you can make an informed decision now. Wait and see.

Fivetoomany Thu 27-Feb-20 17:10:04

I have just got back from 9 days in NY. A few people wearing masks. That's it. Everyone was just acting normal. I didn't even see any notices or advice at Heathrow or JFK. Although I do now feel Ill on my return..... I'm sneezing though, thank god!grin

Vegin1bed Thu 27-Feb-20 17:17:04

You wouldn’t see anything out of the ordinary as it’s not an issue there- yet.

Not much you can do if you’ve booked it though. Get good travel insurance, cross your fingers and enjoy.

Applejack87 Thu 27-Feb-20 17:24:29

Thanks for your reply 3timeslucky your first paragraph of sarcasm is very helpful :D :D

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Vegin1bed Thu 27-Feb-20 18:06:34

I think I’d worry about insurance, logistics once there if there were travel restrictions more than the flight.

Have you got good insurance?

Applejack87 Thu 27-Feb-20 18:49:43

My husband deals with all that side of things but yes I believe so

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3timeslucky Thu 27-Feb-20 19:29:58

It isn't sarcasm. It is genuine confusion. I can't see how 2 positive replies make you feel any better. But if they do, fine.

KaptenKrusty Thu 27-Feb-20 19:32:24

I’m off to Japan over Easter break ! Not worried - sure I was just on the tube at rush hour there and it was fairly grim all piled in - probably as likely to get the virus on there as I would be on the plane !x

BritWifeinUSA Sat 29-Feb-20 03:11:02

We have had, to date, 64 confirmed cases in the whole United States. 64 cases. Out of a population of 327 million. Not one of those is in the whole of New York State. I heard on the TV yesterday you are 5 times more likely to be murdered in New York City than catch Coronavirus in the USA - and catching Coronavirus doesn’t necessarily mean death.

Will this change between now and April? Maybe. But there’s no reason why New York City would be any more likely to see a huge increase in cases than any other city.

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