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Argentina - any ideas/suggestions/things to avoid?

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BIWI Fri 14-Feb-20 19:11:07

Planning our next trip - probably next year now. DH wants to go to Argentina, but I'm less convinced confused

Anyone have any experience? Things to do/not do, places to go/places to avoid?

We're tourists rather than travellers, and tend not to go for very active-type holidays, so nothing too intrepid!

Not sure about budget, but probably prepared to spend around £4K.

many thanks in anticipation

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BIWI Fri 14-Feb-20 19:16:03

... oh and just us - no DC to consider!

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Cabaceo Fri 14-Feb-20 19:26:35

Massive country,
I've only spent a month in B.A., which is massively over-rated in imo. Apart from a few decrepit grand avenues and squares its a sh*thole, (literally in many cases, as dog ownership is widespread, but owners never pick up after them), with little to see that an average European city couldn't beat hands down. I did the City bus tour....'on your left the Ministry of Social Security', said the guide. MORE is a DANGEROUS city (Brit shot outside his hotel last month), crime is rampant.
But out on the Pampas, in the Andes, down in Tierra del Fuego, it may be a different story.

BIWI Fri 14-Feb-20 19:28:43

Thanks @Cabaceo! Yes, crime/security is one of my worries too.

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kiddingmyfatself Sun 16-Feb-20 22:03:19

Hi there we went to Argentina last year . Stayed in Buenos Aires for 2 nights had a wonderful guide who took us to some fantastic sights the cemetery the commemoration of the disappeared it was so so interesting. Fantastic food and wine. Absolutely loved it happy to give hides details felt completely safe with him. Honestly felt no more threatening than the part of London we live in.
We then flew to salta really interesting and fun city lots of live music we drove all along the Andes over several days and the scenery was amazing stopped in Mendoza which is beautiful then flew back to B A.
It's one of the best trips we've ever done and like you I regard myself as a tourist not an intrepid explorer.
Happy to supply any details but it was honestly lovely

Beamur Sun 16-Feb-20 22:08:03

Be aware of street crime. Very organised pickpockets.
My very savvy friend very nearly got robbed. You get squirted with something stinky, then someone steps in to 'help' and robs you.
Other than that she enjoyed it.

BIWI Sun 16-Feb-20 22:11:26

Thanks @Beamur and @kiddingmyfatself

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Clarabellawilliamson Sun 16-Feb-20 22:13:17

I liked it, good food (if you like beef!) and wine, a very 'faded grandeur' feel to the architecture. We didn't see too many places, came over from Chile to Mendoza then made our way to B.A. it was a few years ago now. I think on the whole I preferred Chile though....

CanIHaveATiaraPlease Sun 16-Feb-20 22:15:15

If you have time these are Spectacular. We were on the border with Brazil so this was only bit of Argentina that we saw

Normandy144 Sun 16-Feb-20 22:22:47

I loved BA and spent 8 weeks there, albeit 10 years ago. Yes there's areas not to go to but on the whole i felt safer there than i did in san Francisco which i visited later on in the same trip. I do agree that dog poop is an issue but otherwise lots to see, some nice leafy neighbourhoods. Go san telmo for the market. La boca is touristy but stay close to the main streets. Food is fabulous and they have amazing ice-cream thanks to the Italian immigration post WW2. Try your hand at tango too it is fab! Other places to try are Bariloche and mendoza. Red wine and steak are fabulous enjoy!

Usernamealreadyexists Mon 17-Feb-20 08:07:14

Spent a month there last year. I stayed in Palermo Hollywood area which is very cool. Lots of street art, restaurants, and I felt totally safe. I agree it’s overrated as a city and really lacked atmosphere. Avoid La Boca area. Visit Eva Peron Museum.
I visited Iguazu, which was stunning and the NW Andes area. Google mountains of seven colors. One of the most memorable trips. As Argebtina is cheap, 4K sounds a lot. AirbNB in BA are v cheap. I had a gorgeous studio apartment for 35 quid a night. Argentina is definitely worth a visit but limit your time in BA.

BIWI Mon 17-Feb-20 09:12:51

Thank you! Lots of food for thought.

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DT56867956 Mon 17-Feb-20 11:57:33

It's a beautiful country, but I was raped there. That's my fault for being too trusting though.

The vast majority of people there are great, but stay away from anyone who tries to draw you into debate about the Falklands and make sure you don't accidentally wear clothes with an 82 on them (e.g. Sports related clothes) as some people look for an excuse and will decide you are being antagonistic.

HJ40 Mon 17-Feb-20 12:17:23

It's amazing. I spent 2.5 months there, travelling but as a 35 year old between jobs so definitely not roughing it. BsAs is a very western city and won't really give you a feel for the country. Pickpocketing street crime is an issue, but that's typically it, unless you venture far off the beaten track which it doesn't sound like you would. My advice would be just use it to fly in and fly out of, get away from the city and get to see the things which make Argentina unique:

Iguazu Falls - spectacular
Mendoza wine region - great food, great wine, great scenery
Bariloche - like the Swiss alps but double the size
Patagonia - just the most stunning place. El Calafate is the main hub for the Perito Merino glacier and a bit touristy but a good base. The glacier hike is fab and you don't have to be as fit as they scare you into thinking on the website, but you do have to be reasonably fit. It's miles better than the base walk. El Chalten is near El Calafate and just the most special little wilderness town. Main reason for going is walking, so if that's really not you, you may wish to skip it.

Transport is easy, via internal flights or long distance overnight coaches. Yes, it has extremes of poverty, it it's a much more middle class country that e,g, Peru so less of a culture shock.

BubblesBuddy Tue 18-Feb-20 19:54:39

We have done a certain amount of touring in Argentina. Where you go will depend on time of year. Patagonia will be off limits in our summer. Salta would be lovely though. So you need to think about what means most to you because it’s a huge country.

We have been to Buenos Aires and it’s worth spending time there. We are going again in October. It has a glorious modern art gallery, an interesting opera house and variety to see in the various barrios. Palermo Soho is a great area to stay in.

We have been to Mendoza and did a wine trip with lunch. Also a photographic safari into the Andes. Loved every minute of that!

We also went down to El Calafate and I would highly recommend doing that. Also the Lake District starting in San Martin de Los Andes and driving south to Bariloche is fantastic. We were given an “off road” route and it was just amazing. Some people would find it too remote though!

We are heading down to Puerto Madryn and going to the Falkland Islands next and coming back to Ushuaia. I think if you want the best of Patagonia you need to visit Chile and Argentina but hiking is the big thing in Chile.

Having been to both Argentina and Chile, I found BA to be preferable as a city. Thieves abound in Santiago as DH discovered. Food in Argentina is pretty good everywhere. Their economy isn’t great but it’s better than it was regarding inflation. We found it fascinating and cannot wait to go back later this year.

BubblesBuddy Tue 18-Feb-20 19:56:27

Argentina doesn’t have extreme poverty like say India or Tanzania. It has some poor people but not so many who have literally nothing.

Goostacean Tue 18-Feb-20 20:00:07

Go! Go! Go! I lived there for a year and came back to London last March. Do your research, but it’s a fabulous country. Lots of good tips here- highly recommend Ushuaia, Bariloche and Salta.

Lippy1234 Tue 18-Feb-20 20:11:30

We stayed here for a few days with our DC
It was lovely, we hired a car and a driver to take us to both sides of Iguassa Falls, a mine and a half day trip to Paraguay.

BIWI Wed 19-Feb-20 10:38:23

Thank you all - this is so helpful. flowers

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BubblesBuddy Thu 20-Feb-20 10:25:44

The Lonely Planet guide is invaluable in planning and look at companies like Audley Travel who publish suggested itineraries and what there is to do and see whilst you are there.

You also need to look carefully at internal airline timetables. High season and low season have different timetables. So the itinerary you want might not be available due to flights. We had to switch what we did and return to BA and fly out again due to a flight being removed from the schedule.

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