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Vietnam - Ho Chi min hotels

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Queenie72 Mon 27-Jan-20 18:22:23

Need a recommendation for a hotel with family rooms in Ho Chi Minh with family rooms around the £100/ night budget please.

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Annebronte Mon 27-Jan-20 20:09:48

Haven’t stayed there, but seen Fusion Suites Saigon recommended.

ShanghaiDiva Tue 28-Jan-20 06:10:19

I have stayed in the lief hotel, good value, but in district two. I think they also have a hotel in district one lief mojo?- so it may be worth checking the prices there.
We had two connecting doubles, lots of space and there was a really nice rooftop bar.

travellingInSEasia Tue 28-Jan-20 06:20:47

You're best to do a search on the likes of where you can specify what you need. I'd definitely recommend staying in District 1. We stayed in the Liberty Central Saigon Riverside which is a nice hotel with a rooftop pool but the rooms were small so you would need two adjoining rooms, I don't think they have family rooms. Fusion suites have family rooms I think. If it's anything like their Fusion Resorts it will be very nice.

MissFritton65 Tue 28-Jan-20 08:03:50

We just left HCMC yesterday and had 3 nights in The Myst Dong Khoi in District 1. Very nice rooms, good breakfast and a rooftop bar with pool area which was a great place to watch the Tet fireworks.
Thoroughly recommend it although not sure of the price as we booked months ago but it was the weekend of Tet.

Redtartanshoes Tue 28-Jan-20 15:11:05

Stayed for a couple of nights in Bach Suites: was lovely with amazing rooftop pool

FeltCarrot Wed 29-Jan-20 16:51:06

We stayed at the Grand Hotel Saigon last year. We were upgraded on arrival and had the biggest bed I’ve ever seen, like two king size! Breakfast was amazing, there were about 6 different stations and the pool area was lovely too.

paulsteward Wed 05-Feb-20 01:16:53

Hi. Here is the list of some hotels in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City you can choose:

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