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Chicago and Where Else?

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HalfEmptySort Wed 22-Jan-20 23:00:24

Drawing a blank when it comes to ideas for a two week holiday to the US this summer? We're spending five days with family in the Chicago lakes area (beach, water sports etc) and would like to visit one or two other destinations but the choice is overwhelming. Where would you go with two teen boys (18 and 16) who aren't that into museums but prefer doing activities like climbing, swimming, quad biking, wildlife spotting etc?

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Themountainsarecalling Fri 24-Jan-20 00:03:45

Try heading north into Wisconsin.

There's a place called Devils Lake state park which has some good outdoor climbing, if you google it you'll also find that there are some guiding companies that you could hire if you're not climbers yourselves.

Also there is Wisconsin Dells, which is full of water parks for some reason!

Milwaukee is also a really lovely compact little city to spend a day in.

Alternatively you could drive or fly down to somewhere like North Carolina, there's plenty of outdoor activities to partake in there.

There's an arc'teryx outlet in Chicago if you're into premium outdoor brands!

ProseccoSupernova Fri 24-Jan-20 13:41:16

You can fly virtually anywhere from Chicago I. A few hours. You could do San Fran down To Yosemite and LA. San Diego or Fly to Florida for some sun. The train is another option...the zephyr to San Fran.

pollyannaperspective Fri 24-Jan-20 20:30:10

Lake Tahoe - fly to Reno or Sacramento. Fly back to the UK from San Francisco.

HalfEmptySort Sun 26-Jan-20 16:07:00

Thanks so much for your replies which are all really interesting. Spent too many hours yesterday doing research and doing the same today. Still undecided but researching train journeys, Wisconsin Dells, zepyr to Denver or Salt Lake City for Yellowstone NP. Think might save West Coast for another trip when we have more time. Definitely leaving room in the suitcases for new clothing! Thanks again.

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SorrelForbes Sun 26-Jan-20 16:08:59

I second the Zephyr train journey or perhaps fly to Boston and either head to Cape Cod or further up the coast to Maine.

BubblesBuddy Mon 27-Jan-20 14:49:27

The obvious place to get some of the outdoor activities would be Wyoming. You could fly to Cody or Jackson Hole (which I think is quicker). Lots to like about Wyoming! It’s an outdoors lifestyle with ranches and you could visit Yellowstone to look for bison and wolves.

Wasabiprawns Tue 28-Jan-20 16:23:05

Overnight rafting trips in the wilderness. Are you going to Chicago lakes in Colorado? Last year we did some rafting down the Colorado river which was fab. Moab in Utah is an adventure area, also lots of great NP's. Off road jeep tours or quad biking is a possibility there.

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