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US Car Hire picking up from Orlando Airport

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Didthatreallyhappen2 Fri 17-Jan-20 19:18:19

We need to hire a car for just over a fortnight in the summer, collecting from Orlando International Airport and returning to same.

We've always booked with Alamo, but wondered if anyone can recommend any other, cheaper, firms. We would need something like an Intermediate SUV or similar. Thank you.

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HarryBob Fri 17-Jan-20 19:24:52

I had a good experience with Hertz at Orlando airport last year, better service than I have previously received with Alamo and Avis in Orlando

arewethereyetmum78 Fri 17-Jan-20 19:31:33

Discount Florida car hire were amazing. Based in uk and owner was always quick to respond to emails. They sent a sat nav to our uk address so we could input villa address before we left and just returned free post on return. Cheapest we found and price match if prices go down before you go

arewethereyetmum78 Fri 17-Jan-20 19:32:33

Also no hidden extras at airport

Nquartz Fri 17-Jan-20 19:36:39

Do a search on Expedia, Argus, other comparison sites so you can see who's cheapest.

Don't pay the car hire company for extra insurance, do a search on Money Maxim (recommended on money saving expert) to get the fully comp insurance

Didthatreallyhappen2 Fri 17-Jan-20 20:18:21

These are brilliant ideas - thank you all. And I didn't realise that Expedia etc compare car hire prices too (I thought it was just for hotels), so I'll have a look there too.

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HermioneWeasley Fri 17-Jan-20 20:21:48

I’ve always been really happy with Alamo. I had a nightmare with Hertz at Orlando - waited 45 minutes for them to bring the car round, vs you just walk I to the parking lot and choose the one you like from Alamo.

Nquartz Sat 18-Jan-20 10:03:31

Remembered something else, I think it's Alamo that you fab just go straight to the cars & choose the one you want (from a specific section) & drive off.

We've used budget there for cheapness & had no problems. First year the car was a bit basic but much nicer second time.

I'd really think about what size you actually need, the cheapest car always comes up as something small but we've never had smaller than a focus saloon type car

Caroian Sat 18-Jan-20 12:24:34

Avoid Avis! We had a nightmare experience with them at MCO in October where they ran out of cars and we were kept waiting at the airport for 2 hours. Despite clearly declining all extras at the airport, and using the Florida visitor toll pass scheme, we were slapped with a £250 charge on our credit card when we got home - when we contacted them to ask what the charge was for they couldn't say but did just remove it which makes me suspicious it is something they "try-on" with everyone in the hopes some don't query it.

We got the car on a better-than-free BA fly-drive deal (the cost of the flights went DOWN as a result of adding the car hire) but I think if we got the same deal again we'd just not pick the car up and hire through someone else (DFCH in Florida, or Alamo elsewhere) as it wasn't worth the hassle.

OllyBJolly Sun 19-Jan-20 21:15:52

We used Caronthedrive

They pick you up from the airport, drive you to your villa/hotel where your hire car is already parked, and talk you through the controls. They even offer to take you for a drive so you get used to US driving.

Slightly more expensive, but it was great not having to worry about being tired after a flight with scratchy kids (9 of us travelled). Really friendly service.

Biscuitsdisappear Mon 20-Jan-20 15:07:27

Have a look Alamo Brits, they are cheaper than Alamo.

RusholmeRuffian Mon 20-Jan-20 19:12:27

Alamo in Florida rented me an unregistered car with license plates taken from another car. The Sheriff who pulled me over told me it wasn't the first time they had done it. Had to wait for another car to be delivered which was a massive faff. They couldn't have given less of a shit. Wouldn't use them again however cheap they are!

LEELULUMPKIN Mon 27-Jan-20 20:55:16

Hi OP we go 3 times a year and we always use Even better value if you do it through Topcashback.

PontiacBandit Mon 27-Jan-20 20:59:38

Alamo is the biggest, we've always used then with no problems.

Thistimetomorrow Mon 27-Jan-20 21:07:19

Try We hired from them last year. If you hire with Alamo you can do a skip the queue and go straight to the car lot.

Upoverunder Sun 09-Feb-20 13:16:00

Have a read of this. If you've driven before in the USA, you can skip most of it, but has good links for car hire options.

Biscuitsdisappear Sat 15-Feb-20 19:44:31

Hiring a vehicle is not a one day job. Look for a company that will allow you to cancel or amend a booking without charge or penalty. I usually use Alamo Brits. Once I have booked I go onto the site every 2or 3 days to see if the price has dropped and amend the booking if it has. Non of the rental companies are under any obligation to inform you about a more favourable price, it's up to you to keep monitoring. Last year a booked a standard SUV at 11 months out and the price dropped from £875 to £753 in three drops before we flew.

woodhill Sat 15-Feb-20 19:49:41

We've always used Alamo.

However they did try it on in Cancun

petrocellihouse Sat 15-Feb-20 20:09:02

Not directly related but I foolishly relied on a phone app for navigation. It came as a big shock that there was hardly any mobile data coverage once I was out of the airport so I’d look into getting a sat nav too.

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