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Anxious about holiday to USA

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Strictly1972 Tue 07-Jan-20 11:40:16

Just looking for opinions plse. We have an amazing trip booked to California in May with our 2 children ages 9 & 5. However, I’m getting very anxious given recent events. I’m not so worried about being there but more the flying & that something terrible is going to happen. We are in a position where we have only paid the deposit so could change our minds. Is anybody else worried about travelling to the USA? I think if it wasn’t for the kids I wouldn’t worry so much. Thanks for any advice.

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SeaToSki Tue 07-Jan-20 11:42:53

Im actually worried about my son flying to the UK in a couple of weeks. To me it seems like there have been more terrorist attacks in Europe than in the US and so another one is more likely there.

Strictly1972 Tue 07-Jan-20 12:11:12

@Seatoski are you in the US? I wasn’t concerned until the events in Iran last week now I can’t stop worrying. I’m sure the media aren’t helping. It’s such a scary world isn’t it.

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KnickerBockerAndrew Tue 07-Jan-20 12:15:17

I think it's unlikely that something will happen, but I must admit that I've decided not to visit the USA due to the actions of the current government.

Strictly1972 Tue 07-Jan-20 12:18:45

@KnickerBockerAndrew I don’t think I would have booked if this had happened prior. I’m really torn. We’ve got a couple of months until the balance is due though so hopefully we will know a bit more about where things are heading by then.

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SeaToSki Tue 07-Jan-20 12:30:52

I am in the USA - East Coast. But Europe just seems so much more vulnerable to terrorist activity, the boarders are so porous

zafferana Tue 07-Jan-20 12:48:11

I honestly don't think that the USA is any more dangerous as a travel destination than Europe is and I wouldn't be worried about going to CA.

OP are you naturally quite an anxious person, or is it this Iran situation that is worrying you? I think I'd try to break down my worries into things, if I were you, and treat them one at a time. If you're worried about the flight, why is that? You're presumably travelling to/from the UK on a scheduled airline so there is no reason to be more worried than normal about that, for instance.

BritWifeinUSA Tue 07-Jan-20 12:51:32

I’m in the US. West coast. I’m not at al concerned and I also agree with the PP that “events” are more likely in Europe as the flow of people around Europe is much more relaxed. You can walk from one country into another completely unnoticed and unchallenged. Very difficult to get into the USA that way.

Strictly1972 Tue 07-Jan-20 12:54:55

I’m am anxious to be fair but I manage to keep it in check. The Iran situation has made me worse though in this instance. I think it’s also the kid factor. When I think about it honestly, if I was getting on the plane and doing it today I could do it & be fine. I just worry about what will happen and run through so many scenarios in my head if that makes any sense. My main concern is the flying I’m not actually worried about being in the USA at all. I suppose flying anywhere comes with the same risk. I need to try to keep things in perspective.

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Strictly1972 Tue 07-Jan-20 12:56:41

It’s really interesting to hear from the posters in the US about the borders as it doesn’t really occur to me. I need to stop reading the media for a few days I think.

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BubblesBuddy Tue 07-Jan-20 21:32:40

Yes but USA citizens shoot more of each other. It’s bad luck if you get caught up in anything - and that goes for the USA and the EU countries. Nutters plotting are everywhere!

notimagain Wed 08-Jan-20 14:32:38

"I honestly don't think that the USA is any more dangerous as a travel destination than Europe is and I wouldn't be worried about going to CA."

Agreed.. you've only got to look at news from around the world over the last few years to see that whilst there is possibly some increased exposure to some threats by being in Europe there's will be an increased exposure to other threats by being in the US....

Quite what level/balance of risks is acceptable I guess is down to personal choice but I wouldn't be worrying about a holiday in the USA.

Strictly1972 Wed 08-Jan-20 16:14:55

Thanks everyone. I’m feeling better today. I think I try to go through all the potential scenarios in my head to work out what might happen but that’s not healthy as we will never know what’s going to happen. Ive been talking to a few friends too who have helped me. Keeping calm. Carrying on.

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Kirstenkl Wed 08-Jan-20 16:19:57

I would be more worried for the people of Iran, to be honest.

MissConductUS Wed 08-Jan-20 16:26:05

Another Yank here. If you were flying from the middle east to the US you'd have more cause to be worried. I have a domestic flight coming up next month (NY to Florida) and I'm not a bit concerned. Air travel security is very good here, as I suspect it is in the UK.

You and your kids will have a lovely time in California. If you are still really concerned fly into Canada first and then fly to CA.

PandancerandRabbitoplh Wed 08-Jan-20 16:35:15

I would have thought risk in US is broadly similar to risk in UK of a terror attack so think it will be fine to go in May. I am very concerned by developments but think any initial war will be in Iran with maybe some unrest in wider middle East. Don't think there is the capacity to attack US mainland other than isolated terror attacks and that risk has been there for 20 years if not longer and it's about the same in UK city as US city. So would go ahead. If you are so anxious you won't be able to enjoy it though maybe ask if you can change destinations but the risk is very low, pretty close to zero.

X2Kevintheteenagers Wed 08-Jan-20 17:03:03

In think the odds of getting into trouble flying is so low its more likely it will be due to crime in America than a terrorist attack . its the same in the UK your more likely to be mugged for looking like a easy target .

Curlybrunette Sun 12-Jan-20 14:21:52

I'm flying to the US in March and must admit due to the Iran issues, and the plane being shot down in the Ukraine it has made me very slightly twitchy.

I am more worried about something happening to our plane then I am something actually happening once we're in the US.

I think part of my worries is actually that we are going without the children, so I think it's mum guilt that has manifested itself in anxiety over the potential WWIII!

GrouchoMrx Sun 12-Jan-20 14:30:57

Middle-Eastern terrorists are the very least of your concerns when you travel to the US.

Mass shootings in the US are a different matter:

Strictly1972 Sun 12-Jan-20 15:18:09

@Curlybrunette I feel the same about something happening to our plane more than any problems when we are actually there & I think that’s because we have the kids with us! I think that’s my main worry but tbh I get the same whenever we fly. I don’t think parent guilt ever changes. I’m feeling calmer about it all at the moment.

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okiedokieme Wed 15-Jan-20 07:19:29

I really wouldn't worry about the USA ... I'm concerned a little about transiting in the Middle East though this month!

ivykaty44 Wed 15-Jan-20 07:24:17

Unfortunately your more likely to be in a car crash, 23000 hurt 1700 dead on British roads last year
Compare that to plane crashes world wide & it’s a fraction of the risk

But you won’t think twice about getting in a car

SJaneS48 Wed 15-Jan-20 07:30:13

Bar the US and U.K, the only territory you’ll be flying over is Canada. The Canadians might not be overly fond of Trump but they won’t be shooting any planes down! The sad fact is there are nutters everywhere and you can’t live you life in fear of the unexpected. Try not to worry and go and have a great time!

KittenVsBox Wed 15-Jan-20 07:32:46

You know Iranian missiles cant reach the US?
The reason the US can access Iran is because of its military bases scattered throughout the Gulf countries.

nornironrock Thu 16-Jan-20 14:53:28

Please don't worry about flying. It is such a safe way to travel, with figures (in the US) showing car travel to be 750 times more dangerous. (figures were for 2000-2010).

Air travel seems like it's dangerous because (sadly) if a plane goes down, lots of people die. If I get hit by a bus, only I die. The number of accidents involving commercial airliners is ridiculously small, and terrorist incidents even less.

I fly around 40-50 times per year - and leave a wife and 2 kids at home each time I do. I'm more likely to get hit by a car in the car park, or to be struck by lightning, than to be killed on a plane.

Just google flight deaths per 10 billion passenger miles.

The 10 billion should be a big clue!!!!

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