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The Maldives

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smurfgirl Mon 27-Aug-07 14:07:40

Ok thinking about going for honeymoon but I have some questions.

-everyone says it is paradise but does it, um, get a bit boring?
-will the billion hour plane journey kill my 6'2 dp (dh then!) if we don;t upgrade to extra leg room?
-are all the resorts much of a muchness?
-is it pointless going for a week - is 2 weeks essential?


Mellin Mon 27-Aug-07 14:31:27

- Depends if you like lying on a beach for most of the day and not doing much! Which seems to be what happens on a lot of the islands. That being said, on some on the islands there is plenty to do. For example, we went specifically so my dh could surf and it was a pretty knackering week. We stayed on an island with surf breaks and also went snorkelling, diving, fishing, played tennis etc. If you think you might get bored of total relaxation, then maybe only go for one week and not two (which kinda answers your last question).

- We flew Emirates and they were pretty good with leg room. My dh is 6'0 and he was fine. Although we fly to Australia alot so he is used to it. I wouldn't bother upgrading, unless your dh really doesn't think he will cope.

- I've only been to one island so can't really compare. There seems to be loads of islands catering to the honeymoon set. Lots of variation in price so there must be some difference in standard. We went to a surf island, which I think is atypical of the Maldives.

laughalot Mon 27-Aug-07 14:32:58

Hi im a travel agent so my advice is def upgrade your seats as room is pretty limited on the flight. If you want to save the money though as upgrading can be expensive look to fly with first choice holidays as they have the most room on a charter airline.

There isnt alot to do in the maldives very much a chilled out holiday. The resorts are very much of a muchness.

It is a long way for a week but if its what you want then go for it.

A big tip is though go all inclusive as its very expensive when you are there.

FLIER Mon 27-Aug-07 14:33:51

we had a week in sri lanka and a week in the maldives. A week was ideal for us, and we don't mind lounging in the sun grin

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