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Winter sun with an (almost) 2 years old- where would you go?

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beforesunrise Mon 27-Aug-07 10:57:50

Hi all, dh is really adamant we should take a "luxury" holiday this winter for one week/10 days. i would be really excited about it but am worried that it will just be a nightmare with dd (who is currently 18 months old, we would be looking to go just before she turns 2 so beginning February).

She is a terrible sleeper and i am just worried that the jetlag and all would just mess with her body clock once and for all! so i would like to minimise jetlag.

i would also like to minimise flying time although i am not THAT worried about the flight as dd is already a frequent flier :-) albeit always within Europe so far.

finally, we want a proper beach holiday- ie great beaches no swimming pool (which kinda rules out Dubai at least in my mind as i have heard the beaches are not that nice) and i want proper summer weather not just warm-ish (which rules out the Canaries, right?)

So i am thinking either Mauritius or the Caribbean...

any tips or advice? first of all, on whether it's even worth it, and secondly, where should we go???


nailpolish Mon 27-Aug-07 11:09:06

i wouldnt bother if i were you!

Idreamofdaleks Mon 27-Aug-07 11:13:55

book her a seat to herself on long haul or you will be miserable on the flight with her on your knee

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