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Maldives holiday suitable for children

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Snoots Wed 22-Aug-07 19:43:42

Got two little boys (2.5 and 7 months old). We would like to go to the Maldives before the end of this year. Any recommendations for good places with kids? When is the best time to go?? Went 2 years ago in November and loved it but didn't have the children with us. Help!!

hazlinh Thu 23-Aug-07 07:50:20

ah, will watch out if anyone replies, too.
am planning a Maldives holiday but I hear it's not recommended for very little ones. Mainly because you need to get around everywhere by boat..even from airport to resort..?

devil Sat 25-Aug-07 00:08:13

I been to the Maldives 4 times and love it.The times i have been i have never seen very small or many older children.
It is a long way to take them and not sure if you would have direct flight(as we had stop over)we stayed at resort hour from Airport and boat journey good but if it rains not much room inside.
At the end of the year would it be too hot for them,if they do fall ill you are stuck on island!!
i have one son and even though i love it i would not take him till he is much older.
(4 and half)
i hope i have helped alittle enjoy where ever you

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