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Borneo in August

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Applejack87 Sat 23-Nov-19 23:26:51

Hi we’re looking into next year has anyone been to Borneo in Aug we would like to maybe travel around maybe a short haul somewhere else there’s two of us and a 13 yr old . Any advice & recommendations please

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ShanghaiDiva Sun 24-Nov-19 02:46:16

I have been twice in July:
Once to Sabah staying in Kota Kinabalu - national park is great, islands off KK are easy to access and very quiet during the week, saw orang utans, did a tree top walk. You could combine with a few days in KL as the air asia hub is there so plenty of good value flights.
I have also been to Sarawak (preferred this to Sabah) - we stayed in Kuching - lots of great restaurants, museums, mosques, we visited long houses, saw orang utans in the wild and went kayaking. We combined with a few days in Brunei - Bandar is not very exciting - fabulous mosque, floating village - but good trips to the rainforest, canopy walks etc.

swimster01 Sun 24-Nov-19 11:17:37

I have been in July - it is fine, hot and humid. Absolute highlight without a shadow of a doubt was a couple of nights at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge - well worth the expense and a 13 year old would love it - this is trip of a lifetime stuff. Secondly a couple of nights along the Kinabantangan River looking (and finding) proboscis monkeys and orangutan.

swimster01 Sun 24-Nov-19 11:18:09

BRL is where Kate and William went on their trip to Borneo

PandasandRabbit Sun 24-Nov-19 15:47:35

I've not been but we are also going there as part of a trip to Malaysia and Thailand next summer with a then 14 and 13 year old.

In Borneo we fly into Sandakan and will visit the sun bear and orangutan sanctuary in Sepilok and then go by the Kinabatangan river. We are staying in that part at The Last Frontier Resort which offer river cruises etc and food looks amazing. Haven't booked accommodation for by sanctuaries but will try to get Sepilok Nature Resort.

We looked at the turtle trip from by Sandakan but current FCO advice is not safe so we are going to Perhentians instead off mainland Malaysia which has turtles, baby sharks, snorkelling, scuba diving etc. Staying in Bubbles Dive Resort there.

Ribeebie Sun 24-Nov-19 15:52:49

I've been in August. Stayed at rasa ria near kota Kinabalu. Loved it. Great time to go. Would love to go again one day.

HappyHolidays75 Sun 24-Nov-19 16:15:30

We went july/august.
KK to sepilok to sandakan to Kinanbatagan river (abai village homestay) to kk to mantanani island and back to kk (day trips there to sapi island and zip wire, and another white water rafting with riverbug).
Flew kk-sandikan return with air asia.
Taxis are super cheap for smaller trips.
We stayed 2 nights in sepilok so got to see both feedings. Hotel had a pool there.
Our budget was very much lower end but there are some great looking hotels is yours is more flexible.
Loved it!

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