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tips on taking 16 month old on a 10 hour flight

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bigspender30 Mon 20-Aug-07 19:22:05

Hi everyone, we are taking our 16 month old to the caribbean and wondered if any suggestions on how to keep him entertained and also how to get him adjusted to the time difference? Should we let him sleep as normal on the plane ? Thanks x

orangecat Mon 20-Aug-07 20:06:22

Took DD on 9 hour flight when she was 16 months. Was actually much better than I thought. Only thing I did wrong was try to get her to sleep - she just didn't want to go, and was the only time she cried.

If you can, I would definitely see if you can get a seat for her. Life saver for us was that the flight wasn't full, so there was a spare seat for DD both there and back.

Good to give them something to eat/ bottle on take off and landing to help their ears. We also bought an activity magazine thing which kept her amused for part of the time.

Otherwise, just spare changes of clothes (and perhaps a top for you) - messy feeding without highchair!

In terms of time difference, we were lucky - kept her up until normal bedtime at the other end and she settled straight in. For adults they recommend being on the new time right from getting on the plane - might work for kids too.

Then lots of running up and down the aisle, books and a couple of new toys.

Have a lovely time

WriggleJiggle Mon 20-Aug-07 21:26:04

Just done a similar length flight with dd. Fortunately it was mostly overnight so after running up and down in the airport she was shattered and slept for some of the time.

We were told we couldn't have a basinet because dd was too old, but we requested one at check in alongside the bulk head seats and she was given one without any problems - she didn't fit in it very well and slept all curled up, but it meant she could sit in it rather than on our knee.

On the way out I made the stupid mistake of trying to stop her running up and down the plane thinking it would annoy people. On the way back the choice was either to let her or have her scream. No one was bothered by it, in fact I think it helped relieve some of their bordom as everyone wanted her attention.

Good luck.

giggly Tue 21-Aug-07 23:56:02

We flown long haul a few times since dd was 18 months. We booked the bulk heads, however the down side is the arm rests dont move so she did not seem very comfy when sleeping, not that she done a lot of that! Plenty of running up and down the plane,stealing shoes from sleeping people,I did not worry about upseting anyone else as I expected them to understand the confines for the child. I got her into the new time zone at our destination which seemed to work well. Also ask if you and dh can have your meals served at different times as eating can be hard if the wee one wants to move about.

harrisey Wed 22-Aug-07 20:29:05

We flew to Canada and Central America (yes long way round for a short cut, but it worked for us) when dd2 was 16 months and it was fine. I was still bf which I think helped a lot, and just had lots of little things to keep her entertained, and it was a night flight so she slept fine. We had the same with ds when he was 18 months we flew to Vancouver and again it was no bother. You just have to be organised.

Have fun! Where in the Carribean are you going?

bigspender30 Wed 29-Aug-07 20:51:39

We are off to Aruba Harrissey. Been a few times but never with a toddler! Wish me luck!

mrsbabookaloo Mon 03-Sep-07 13:06:18

Me too! not to Aruba, to LA: 10 hours with a 15 month old. Anyone, any more tips for activities/toys for plane? This age is a bit too young for stickers/crayons etc I think. I'll bring some new books.

I know there have been lots of similar threads: I'll have a look now and try to link to them.

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