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Longhaul with Air Iberia?

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harrisey Sun 19-Aug-07 21:04:36

We're looking at travelling to Latin America next spring with our kids aged 8,6,4. The best deal we can get on the route we want is with Air Iberia out of Madrid.

Has anyone flown with Iberia? What are they like as an airline, espacialy for kids?

We have flown longhaul before with the children, to West Coast Canada and to Latin America once before (on Air Canada and United). WOuld never use AC again but United were OK. Its a 14 hour flight, so wondered what childrens facilities there would be for children the age ours will be then.

Thanks in advance!

harrisey Tue 21-Aug-07 00:36:15


Albus Tue 21-Aug-07 02:06:18

As someone who has done a fair bit of long haul (but not with DS) for work, and having worked for the last 12 years in organisations which require almost constant travel, the overwhelming reaction to Iberia is 'DON'T DO IT'. They have been continually voted the worst airline by ALL my colleagues and also by DH. Sorry, not want you wanted to hear really was it.
Where in Latin America are you thinking about?

PollyLogos Tue 21-Aug-07 05:40:17

A friend of mine flew Athens-Madrid-Lima this summer. I will ask her and her 3 children next time I see her (probably at the weekend)

harrisey Tue 21-Aug-07 08:14:58

Thanks a lot both of you. We're going to Guatemala, yipee! Been bfore with the kids, its brilliant.

harrisey Mon 27-Aug-07 21:05:31

PollyLogos did you get a chance to ask?

Friend in RL says they're ok, and any 14 hour flight is going to be crap tbh, even with nintendo DS!

harrisey Tue 11-Sep-07 02:06:44

Now thinking about booking? Does anyone have any further insights?

PollyLogos Tue 11-Sep-07 05:13:38

Sorry harrisey, I had forgotten all about this. As luck would have it i am seeing this friend this evening so will ask for you.

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