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Caribbean Holiday

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Jessie40 Mon 28-Oct-19 16:38:05

Thanks everyone for suggestions.
We just fancied somewhere different next year and understand weather can be hit or miss as have been in august many years ago.

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Yoollyball Mon 28-Oct-19 06:14:17

For a beach/ golfing/ activities holiday the weather will be better in Europe- less rain and much less humid (and I am saying this as someone who went to the Carribean this summer - though we went to snorkelling and sights)

sandyposy Sun 27-Oct-19 20:42:04

Tobago: small, not overly touristy like some Caribbean islands, equal amounts of locals and visitors on the beaches. plenty of hotels, restaurants etc. Two golf courses. Fantastic night-time kayaking in bioluminescent lagoon. Fab beaches, some totally undeveloped: palm trees, sand, reef: that’s it! Great snorkelling and diving, lovely food. And accommodation reasonable. I love it there.

Turt Sun 27-Oct-19 20:41:32

Barbados is perfect for families. I have family there and spent a month when I was 15 in August. Plenty of outdoor activities, family nightlife and lovely food! Christchurch is great to stay.

underneaththeash Sun 27-Oct-19 20:37:06

There’s so many other great places to go at that time of year. Caribbean is sticky, rainy, with lots of mozzies.

Longdistance Sun 27-Oct-19 19:38:55

Antigua is great for adults. We stayed at the Pineapple beach hotel.

emmaluvseeyore Sun 27-Oct-19 19:36:00

I loved Aruba. Not sure whether you can golf there though. It’s a fantastic island.

LeGrandBleu Sun 27-Oct-19 19:34:10

One of the best holiday I ever had was at the Barcelo Bavaro in Dominican Republic. At that time it was a huge resort made of 5 hotels (barcelo casino, barcelo golf and so on) . I think now these are separated, but there is a golf course and the location, the beach is stunning.

Jessie40 Sun 27-Oct-19 18:58:24

Hi, We're thinking of a caribbean holiday next year. Probably end June, beg of July.... not the best months but hopefully well miss the rain!
Recommendations of which island and where to stay please.
We're a family of 5, youngest is 18. We love a mixture of activities and relaxation. Boys love to play golf.
Thank you

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