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3 weeks in the Philippines

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snufflebuns Sat 26-Oct-19 16:29:50

That's it really! Go next week and have very little planned - if you've been where do you recommend, what should I give a miss...?

I'm veggie so what research i have done shows this might be a little difficult?

Also plan on packing light and buying cheap clothes - think Thailand! - when I'm out there but just thought there might not be that same vibe.

Any tips welcome!

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snufflebuns Sun 27-Oct-19 08:13:14

Bump !!

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SomeoneInTheLaaaaaounge Sun 27-Oct-19 09:54:29

Hi there,

Sooooo - the vibe is absolutely different to Thailand and so is the food, be prepared to be flexible.

You just book a boat trip up and down Palawan and do El Nido and that stuff. Spend at least a week to 10 days there.

I think Boracay is supposed to be quite Thailandy / travellery but didn’t go there.

Bohol was really lovely!!!! Nice small hotels and beaches.

Siquijor - also don’t bother.

I would NOT hang round Manila long if that’s where you are flying into. Cebu is really not worth it either.

I would divide time between Bohol & Palawan. It’s so massive though sure there’s lots more to see and do.

IjustbelieveinMe Sun 27-Oct-19 10:10:35

⬆️ what she said! All those places are amazing. I loved Boracay but that was 15 years ago so it might be more commercialised now. Bohol was special staying in a small village over Christmas time. The Phillipines is beautiful you will have a wonderful time.

snufflebuns Sun 27-Oct-19 11:20:30

Oooo very interesting - we had planned on skipping Borocay to be fair because we had heard it was commercialised. Although we did love Thailand were after a bit more of a 'true' visit

V interesting about Cebu!!!! I heard good things about it so interesting to hear it's not worth the visit...

What's wrong with Siquior?? I was planning on definitely visiting as I heard it was dreamy

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SJane48S Sun 27-Oct-19 14:57:21

I’ve just asked my 25 year old DD who was out there for 3 months this year (her Dad has been working there for a couple of years and has a Filipina girlfriend). This is what she’s said:

Steer clear of Manila and get out of there as soon as you land (‘really gross’ apparently - her words, not mine!). As a Westerner be careful and be aware that people will try and rip you off, it’s not a rich country. Steer clear of the poorer areas where people may be more desperate. Apparently tourists are regularly offered drugs (some kind of meth/crack mix - however, whether a family would be offered them I’m personally less convinced, 25 year olds yes!). Don’t use a taxi, they aren’t safe. Uber and tryke’s are but never pay more than 400 pesos for any trike ride, agree a price up front. She suggests if you don’t mind driving abroad, renting a car is a good option.

DD’s father has a yacht so they did quite a bit of island hopping - apparently there are lots of places though that offer boat trips and rides between the islands. Subic Bay is nice (says DD) and attracts a lot of tourist trade and is safe - DD is veggie and the food options are good there. Puerta Gulera was also nice with a wide number of food options. Her personal favourite was Borocay (the sand apparently is amazing) and nearby Palawan (she thinks you can get a taxi boat there). She’s WhatsApp’d me some pictures which I’ll try and attach! Basically, to sum up, beautiful place but choose carefully where you go and be safety aware. Hope some of this is helpful and obviously this is my DD’s opinions, not mine!

SJane48S Sun 27-Oct-19 14:59:42

Puerta Galera (excuse spelling mistake above!) & Boracay

SJane48S Sun 27-Oct-19 15:00:30


SJane48S Sun 27-Oct-19 17:14:13

DD has just read this, apparently it’s Grab not Uber, I’ve been corrected!

snufflebuns Mon 28-Oct-19 22:44:00

Ahhh amazing!! Thanks so much for the tips - love the photos aswell. Very interesting about Grab as I definitely wouldn't have known

Super excited now smile thanks again for the lovely ideas!!!

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C0c0L0c082746 Sat 02-Nov-19 14:51:22

Bohol Visit the chocolate hills, rope bridge, the bridge to no where, tarziers

I'm veggie, had no problem with food

It's not Thailand

Scuba diving is good

Traveller104 Sat 09-Nov-19 21:39:14

It depends what you want from a holiday... Cebu is lovely if you find the right resort and there’s a fair amount to see and do, also it’s good as a jumping off point for Bohol.

Manila on the surface is a bit grim, but scratch beneath the surface and it’s a fascinating city, particularly the older parts such as Malate and Intramuros and the more Chinese influenced areas.

No problem for veggie food at all and if you’re in Manila, try the Corner Tree Cafe, it’s fab for vegetarian food.

snufflebuns Fri 15-Nov-19 05:09:03

Thanks for all the recommendations!! Here currently and loving it although we haven't been blessed with the best weather (tropical storms!)

Our travels have taken us from Manila to Coron. Wasn't too impressed with Coron - although that could partly be weather related as we had a couple of huge downpours and our ferry got cancelled two days running! - but it was nice there and the tours were good value.

We cancelled our plans to carry on down to El Nido etc and heading down to Cebu, whale sharking in Oslob then spent a couple of nights in Bohol which was fab. Quite touristy but lots to do and a great selection of places to eat. Haven't struggled tooooo much being veggie but the options are limited ..

Currently in Siquijor which is definitely my favourite stop so far!

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