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Sunny Christmas destination?

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fireworksandhotdogs Sat 26-Oct-19 14:11:32

We are looking for ideas for guaranteed hot sun sea sand Christmas destination. Any ideas please?

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marialuisa Sat 26-Oct-19 15:40:26

South Goa.

mattparle Sat 26-Oct-19 18:57:13

Gotta be the Caribbean, loved Jamaica and Mexico, both celebrate Christmas like we do.

Stopyourhavering64 Sun 27-Oct-19 05:17:53

Thailand, Indian Ocean ( Seychelles, Maldives , Mauritius), Caribbean

user1483387154 Sun 27-Oct-19 05:27:27

nee zealand

violetbunny Sun 27-Oct-19 08:08:56

New Zealand won't be guaranteed hot, I can tell you - I live here! grin
Thailand is lovely, we had Christmas there one year and it was awesome! We did a tour that started in Bangkok and ended in Phuket.

SomeoneInTheLaaaaaounge Sun 27-Oct-19 09:55:15

Barbados all day long

CarolDanvers Sun 27-Oct-19 10:02:19

UAE. Abu Dhabi and Dubai. It's never a popular response on here but it is where I would go so putting it out there smile

KRRA Sun 27-Oct-19 10:09:21

Dominican Republic has fantastic weather, food and A/I hotels that cater and entertain people of all ages. Dreams Punta Cana is fantastic

ViserionTheDragon Sun 27-Oct-19 10:11:49

Another vote for Thailand.

AskMeHow Sun 27-Oct-19 11:55:45


TheSandgroper Mon 04-Nov-19 02:22:16

Perth. Direct flight from LHR.

Nanamilly Mon 04-Nov-19 02:28:40


Nanamilly Mon 04-Nov-19 02:30:06

Sorry, just to add - Oman is a far better and nicer place to be than anywhere in the UAE.

BareKneesDeCourcy Mon 04-Nov-19 02:45:30

Australia mate!

Fifteenthnamechange Mon 04-Nov-19 05:23:37

Cape Town

Littlegoth Mon 04-Nov-19 05:25:32



SJane48S Mon 04-Nov-19 07:03:24

Would second @Nanamilly - having spent 4 Christmases in Dubai, Oman is far nicer than anywhere in the UAE. There’s a big expat community there and the hotels make an effort. The Caribbean would be the most obvious choice though.

ShanghaiDiva Mon 04-Nov-19 07:28:25

Cambodia - Sihanoukville for the beach, but very built up so beach at Otres one or two is better -
Vietnam - Phu Quoc
Western Australia is fabulous

mummymeister Wed 06-Nov-19 14:46:40


i would go back to either of the above for different reasons in an instant

Angelthekingcharles Sun 10-Nov-19 13:37:14

@SJane48S where would you recommend to stay in Oman please?

Neolara Sun 10-Nov-19 13:42:36

South Africa. No jet lag.

SJane48S Sun 10-Nov-19 17:19:42

@Angelthekingcharles, I'd base myself in Muscat, it's a pretty sprawling city backed by the mountains and on the coast. It's retained more of its history than Dubai (although has the shopping malls) and the souk, forts and the Grand Mosque give you a feel of that. The coastline is good for diving which you can book in advance. You could either do organised day/overnight trips from Muscat or hire a car and travel around yourself (I'd go for a four wheel drive so you can go off road). Quite a few of the trips will be expensive (nights under the stars in Bedouin tents etc) but you'll find cheaper ones too - try Viator. Go to Salalah & Misfat al Abryeen and into the Hajar mountains. There are a couple of luxury hotels in the mountains in Oman which look spectacular (if a little remote and probably very expensive!).

Angelthekingcharles Sun 10-Nov-19 22:04:01

@SJane48S thank you so much, I’ll have a look thank you

Cakecrumbsinmybra Sun 10-Nov-19 22:05:45

Costa Rica

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