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Mexico City

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trendingsomewhere Sat 19-Oct-19 21:34:52

Got a couple of days here tagged on from a work trip....anyone got any recommendations? I've never been before, I'm looking forward to the food more than anything! grin

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chipsandpeas Sat 19-Oct-19 21:58:08

when are you going?

trendingsomewhere Sun 20-Oct-19 07:15:45


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Kyvia Sun 20-Oct-19 07:30:47

I stayed at the Gran Hotel Ciudad de Mexico and would highly recommend it, amazing Art Deco interior and had a room overlooking the Zocalo (big main square), four poster bed, very luxurious feel but surprising affordable compared to what you pay for very average hotels in Europe.

It was a few years ago but the main thing I remember from Mexico City is the art, if you’re into that. Lots of museums and galleries to choose from, historical or modern.

handbagsatdawn33 Sun 20-Oct-19 19:14:47

Don't hire a car - traffic is horrendous.
There were HoHo buses when I was there about 3 years ago, but taxis are cheap anyway.
We didn't even have brekkie in our hotel, there are so many places to eat some wonderful food.

Check the museums before you go. Some are free to locals on certain days - which means they'll be emptier & the same price to you on the other days.

SJane48S Mon 21-Oct-19 11:40:13

We went years ago - it’s an absolutely vast city which you don’t really appreciate until you’re flying over it. We stayed centrally - our hotel was pretty bland so wouldn’t recommend! We either walked or took taxi’s. It’s an interesting place - the Spanish built their buildings directly over the Aztec ones - as the Aztec built the city on a swamp, some of the bigger Colonial buildings are now sinking! The main square is a good place to start - we went to a hotel rooftop bar which gave a great view. The Cathedral in the square is very dark and gloomy but worth a visit and close by they were excavating an Aztec temple. Also in the square (from bad memory and without checking are some fabulous Diego Rivera murals depicting the history of Mexico). The Rosa zone had lots of shops and hotels and felt pretty westernised and safe. The Museum of Anthropology was great with a huge amount of exhibits from the various tribal groups originating in Mexico. The only thing I didn’t like was the fatty corn oil smell from the street vendors (but I imagine that’s just personal!)

trendingsomewhere Mon 21-Oct-19 20:37:24

Thanks for all the tips smile

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MonkeysandParrots Thu 24-Oct-19 22:16:48

I was in Mexico City in March - stayed at W, was a great location. Easy walking distance to museum of anthropology which is fascinating, the park it’s situated in is gorgeous to wander around during the day and you’re also close to some nice high end shopping. It felt relatively safe there for a solo traveller. We loved Mexico City, if you have time, it’s worthwhile doing a day trip around the cathedral, palace, the square, the pyramids etc.

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