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Hotel recommendations for Riveria maya mexico

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Starlight456 Sun 29-Sep-19 10:08:54

I had my heart set on a hotel in playacar but was only available through Thomas cook. I want to go through travel agent not book independently

so now looking for a new hotel.. Suggestions for one adult and 13 year old.

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AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 29-Sep-19 10:44:41

What time of year do you want to travel there?. I ask only as that coastline does suffer a lot of problems with regards to the influx of sargassum seaweed on the beaches.

Sargassum season, when the majority of seaweed arrives in the Mexican Caribbean, runs from April to August. The Mexican government and hotels in the Yucatan Peninsula have stepped up their efforts to tackle it, however, the majority of low-budget hotels and hostels do not have the means to clean their beaches on a daily basis.

If you’re keen to avoid sargassum on your Mexico visit, make sure to stay in a hotel which has staff constantly monitoring the ever-changing situation.

sidsgranny Sun 29-Sep-19 10:47:03

We've been 4 times and have stayed at Luxury Grand Bahia Akumel and Grand Palladium Kantenah. Have head good reports on the Grand Serenis too.

We travelled with Tui and they were great.

BettyPitts Sun 29-Sep-19 11:08:50

Bahia principe Akumal

No seaweed as they've put huge nets up and clear any that gets through at sunrise.

Just beautiful, loads of wildlife, raccoons, huge iguanas etc and plenty to do

Starlight456 Sun 29-Sep-19 11:12:11

I am planning to go may.

yes I am concerned about the seaweed in terms of read some reviews saying beach smells due to seaweed and .. loved the water sports on the beach on previous holidays.

I will look up those hotels. Thank you

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BettyPitts Sun 29-Sep-19 11:53:33

This was the beach last month OP at Bahia Akumal.

Just pick one with seaweed control and you'll be ok. We snorkelled with wild turtles just down the coast too , DD is 14 and said it was the best holiday ever.

Starlight456 Sun 29-Sep-19 12:23:55

That beach looks glorious.

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Starlight456 Sun 29-Sep-19 12:25:08

Can I ask what kind of things your 14 year old did there.

I plan to go on some trips too while there

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wink1970 Tue 01-Oct-19 22:06:58

Any of the Azul hotels are great for teens, also El Dorado (which might be 18 plus, please check). They are imho a bit above the ordinary with great food.

wink1970 Tue 01-Oct-19 22:09:33

13 yr old grandson loved

Swimming with turtles
Xel Ha ( my favourite too,)
Various cenote trips
Mayan ruins

BettyPitts Tue 01-Oct-19 23:34:10

DD loved the snorkelling, Xa hel, Xcaret, and getting the local collectivo into Playa del carmen for shopping.

WTFdidwedo Wed 02-Oct-19 07:17:03

We stayed at the Occidental at Xcaret hotel and had a great time. It's an eco resort so a bit more rugged than some but the wildlife in the resort was amazing. You could see the monkeys every morning jumping through the trees, and it was great for snorkeling.

Starlight456 Wed 02-Oct-19 17:54:06

I have looked at that one . My son would get freaked out Monkeys in trees ..

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SJane48S Thu 03-Oct-19 18:50:51

If you’re going out to Mexico there’s quite a lot of wildlife from vultures and monkeys through to tarantulas! He’ll be fine honest! My DD is similar and Google’s places before we go asking about snakes, tsunamis etc etc but she’s 11 and once she’s there she is fine (with the occasional insect freak out but then she gets freaked out by wasps over here so ...!). We stayed years ago at the Grand Occidental on Cozumel which is an island off the Riviera Maya (you get a ferry over). Cozumel was nice - less built up than the Riviera Maya but easy to get the ferry over to go to Tulum etc. We hired a jeep on the island and bombed around. There is an old Mayan ruined town on the island that had very few tourists which was really interesting. The hotel was huge -very big rooms, a number of different restaurants and entertainment and a kids club (which we didn’t use but according to others we met who did was good).

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