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urgent - car seat suitable for Air New Zealand

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lynnturner Sun 12-Aug-07 18:08:25

Has anyone flown with Air New Zealand and taken a car seat on board so their LO can sit in this in their own airline seat? They have very strict dimension restrictions and I can't find a car seat that is narrow ehough (less than 43 cm (17 ins)).

Or any suggestions where I could find a table with car seats listed and their dimensions?

Lynn (a mad Mum intending on taking their 1 year old to NZ)

papaya Sun 12-Aug-07 19:53:35

I found iseos (bebe confort) to be the narrowest car seat for flights, I went to Oz last year (ba and quantas) they said all their limits were 17 inch also, but in the end i chanced it with our maxi cosi priory and it fitted on all flights fine, and has since been on flights to cyprus and france hth

papaya Sun 12-Aug-07 19:54:37

btw, i ended up looking at car seats taking along my tape measure when researching!

LIZS Sun 12-Aug-07 20:09:23

Britax have a couple they recommend

"Q.Which child seat can I use on an aircraft?

A.The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) accept child seats that are approved to the European Standard ECE R44 and can be fitted with a lap belt only.

The following models from our range meet this criteria:

Britax Freeway (Fisher Price forward facing seat)
Britax Eclipse (including Si & Ultra models)
Britax Renaissance (including Si models)
However, as the ultimate responsibility for use is with the airline in question we recommend that you check with them to make sure that the child seat in question will fit dimensionally on their aircraft seat and gain agreement to use it before you intend to travel.

We have had positive feeback from customers about the successful use of the Britax Freeway (Fisher Price Child seat).

Please be aware that FAA (USA) airlines may have different regulations. "

The Fisher Price/Britax Freeway is this one. hth

lynnturner Mon 13-Aug-07 14:35:17

Thanks for the suggestions. The Britax ones are too wide, 45 cm (2 cm too wide). Should I just risk it? Would hate to turn up and find it didn't fir.

I also tried to find the Bebe Confort Iseos dimensions and got told by a supplier that it is 21 ins wide and 21 ins high - this doesn't sound right but how can I find out the right dimensions.

Has anyone actually used one of these seats on Air New Zealand?

Getting very frustrated.


papaya Tue 14-Aug-07 21:00:51

21x21 doesnt sound right at all, I had this exact same problem lynn everyone on the phone told me different things, I would go to a car seat retailer with a tape measure and honestly just take down all the measurements yourself and decide from there. Also, u HAVE to ensure the car seat can be secured by a lap seat belt only, and as LIZS said regards the European Standard ECE R44, I had to produce evidence on the flight that my car seat had this cert!!! luckily I had taken along the instructions which detailed the cert inside! tis a nightmare, and i found that on the flight it wasnt the width that was ANY problem whatsoever, it was actually the depth - when the guy in front reclined his seat it came so close to DD's leg that everytime she moved she kicked his chair x another point to remember is that priority for extra leg room and sky cots are given to people who have children, if you pay for a seat then your 'child' is no longer classed as a 'child' but a full paying passenger iyswim, therefore, on 2 flights we found we were not allocated extra room because they were being saved for the people with under 2 year olds who didnt have their own seats and "needed" more room.!! Even though DD was younger, because we had chosen to pay for a seat for her, inevitably without realising we did ourselves out of better seats x

CarGirl Tue 14-Aug-07 21:04:24

Can you check whether it is asking for 43cm at the back or front of the seat???? It may make a difference to the fitting?

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