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Adult only - all inclusive - recommendations

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AnythingConsidered Tue 24-Sep-19 18:38:39

So, for the first time in 15 years my DH and I are having a holiday without DD. We got an amazing 10 night deal for a 5* adult only AI resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

We've loved it - the freedom, the excursions, the moving at our pace, not dealing with our own DD or other people's DC(!) and have agreed to make it an annual occurrence moving forward, but I've no idea where else to go.

Any recommendations?

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spinduffy Fri 27-Sep-19 10:39:17

I stayed in the beloved last year which was lovely. We have booked Unico for this November which gets great reviews too

AnythingConsidered Fri 27-Sep-19 19:39:23

Hi Spinduffy, our 10 days was at Unico! In fact were at the airport right now ready to board our flight home.

It was a lovely resort - well recommended
Happy to answer any questions if you have any smile

Will check out Beloved - was this Mexico too?

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MyDcAreMarvel Fri 27-Sep-19 19:41:54

Valentin Imperial Maya was amazing. Didn’t want to come home.

asilikeit Fri 27-Sep-19 20:05:05

It's not long haul, but personally that makes it all the better for me, but we stayed at Royal corales hideaway resort in La Caleta , Tenerife.we did 4 nights bed and breakfast, absolutely beautiful hotel and we are desperate to go back next year! Rooms are fantastic

spinduffy Fri 27-Sep-19 20:22:45

Oh great to hear! Roll on November!

We had a lovely time a couple of years ago at the jebel Ali in Dubai too.

2girlsandagap Fri 27-Sep-19 20:26:55

Couples san souci in ocho rios Jamaica is beyond amazing. Everything is included- scuba diving, excursions as well as the normal food and drinks. It’s the location that cocktail the film was shot at and the staff can’t do enough for you.
Also tipping isn’t allowed at all on the resort.

areukiddingme Fri 27-Sep-19 20:28:33

East winds inn St Lucia worth every penny

AnythingConsidered Sun 29-Sep-19 23:16:06

Awesome responses and exactly the type of information I was looking for - long and short haul!

Thank you so much

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Hersetta427 Fri 04-Oct-19 09:02:21

There are a couple of all inclusive resorts in the maldives. Also a lot more hotels have adults only areas (pools,bars, restaurants) so you could consider those too.Maybe the sensatori in the dominican republic.

Villanellebelle Fri 04-Oct-19 16:01:37

Excellence playa mujeres Cancun wink

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