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Family Adventure just after Christmas

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maryberryslayers Sat 31-Aug-19 19:27:48

Myself, DH and DS (1 year old) are trying to plan a holiday just after Christmas Day so leaving on 26/26th and can stay for around 2 weeks. We want to make the most of DH's compulsory annual leave and the bank holidays. We've travelled at this time of year before but prior to having DS.
We are adventurous travellers and aren't apprehensive about travelling with DS. I've done long haul on my own with him already, as well as a couple of family shorthaul. It's fine, we lug all the gear and he's a happy little thing who stays in his self imposed routine where ever he goes!

We are happy to spend a decent amount to have a great holiday.

So, where can we go?!?

We've done Costa Rica which we loved, but want to wait until DS can appreciate the wildlife in a few years, before we return, so somewhere along these lines is perhaps what I'm after.

We don't want it to be freezing cold and being safe is obviously a priority now we have a little one to consider. We had considered Peru but from initial research DS is too young to have the necessary vaccinations, so that would be a consideration also.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

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underneaththeash Sat 31-Aug-19 22:37:00

TBH with a 1 year old, i’d just go to the Caribbean. A bit of sun in a safe, easy environment will be lovely.
Island hop if you want a bit of variety.

BubblesBuddy Sun 01-Sep-19 00:02:50

I think the jabs required are going to present problems for lots of long haul destinations. India, South America and safari destinations should all be good at this time of year, but beware of jabs and malaria tabs!

You might consider Argentina or South Africa. I’ll leave you to decide if they are safe but they are excellent destinations after Christmas. As it includes New Year it won’t be cheap though. South Africa could be excellent if you can get into some of the excellent guest houses there and the Garden Route would be great.

glorious Sun 01-Sep-19 00:14:16

Malaysia? We had a great trip with DD at just turned 2. Mostly not necessary to take anti malarial though you do need to avoid mosquito bites due to dengue. Also no essential vaccinations these days according to the NHS though you might consider some (this has changed since we travelled)

HappyHolidays75 Sun 01-Sep-19 08:49:03

Or Sri Lanka?
Similar for vaccinations. No malaria.
Or Vietnam?

NowtSalamander Sun 01-Sep-19 17:18:40

Go to South or central America but go high so you don’t need to worry about malaria - I think they’re much easier with small kids than Asia and we’ve been carting ours there since they were smalls. What vaccinations are you looking at for Peru? Have you looked into Guatemala or Ecuador? Both of those are pretty good choices as they are small countries and you can easily get around.

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