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One Week Longhaul

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lanadelpay Fri 30-Aug-19 11:34:41

Going to treat my DS and his girlfriend to a week Long haul in April.
BA have a good sale on at the moment. (shh)

They usually do beach in Greece in the summer and then a city break at Easter. So they’d be happy to do only a city, or even beach too.

Flights to NYC £250.
Buenos Aires £500 direct.

They enjoy partying
Any other ideas?

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WooMaWang Fri 30-Aug-19 11:47:51

I went to Seoul for a week this summer. It was great, and it’s really quite amazingly cheap for hotels and going out (as long as you aren’t in Gangnam that is).

GreekOddess Fri 30-Aug-19 12:38:39

What a lovely mum you are smile

I'm sure they would be thrilled with either of those destinations I would!

PoptartPoptart Fri 30-Aug-19 23:25:29

I would go for NYC. It’s iconic and a great city with so much to do.

Threeminis Sat 31-Aug-19 00:01:10

New Orleans?

inwood Sat 31-Aug-19 00:06:14

For a week I'd go short haul, less jet lag, more time - Dubrovnik? I couldn't be arsed to go LH for a week.

SJane48S Sat 31-Aug-19 09:30:59

Lovely thing to do! Of the 2, if they’ve not been then NY. It’s a shorter flight and do-able if they’ve only got a week. Not been to Buenos Aires (but would love too) but longer flight and seems a bit of a shame if you are going to go all the way there not to see more of the country. However, back to NY, hotels in Manhattan are very expensive so depends on your budget. You’d find cheaper hotels in Brooklyn but they may not want to stagger back there in the early hours of the morning if they’ve been out!

One other suggestion - Goa. I did go for a week in my twenties (so 20 odd years ago!) with a friend. It is a way to go but we did have a great week which did include a lot of travelling around to temples and national parks, paragliding and laying on beaches during the day and clubbing out in the open air under the stars at night. It has (or did as we’re talking the 1990’s!) a hippie, relaxed vibe and felt safe. It was also very cheap and we had a great hotel for not very much. The food was good too. Average temps in April are highs of 29-33.

We treated eldest DD (25) and her ex girlfriend with birthday trips to Dublin and Paris. I did book every single thing for them though from flights/hotels/transport etc etc with annotated maps!! Very overboard Mama but sounds like your DS is a little bit more of an experienced independent traveller!

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