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Washington DC

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user1480880826 Wed 21-Aug-19 20:57:45

I have one day to kill in Washington DC in early October and wondered if anyone had any tips. I’ve never been before and know nothing about the city.

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EggysMom Wed 21-Aug-19 21:02:08

Hope for good weather and just wander. It's a chance to see all the monuments, the White House, etc and take tourist photos of them. If the weather is not so good, head for one of the Smithsonian museums, there are plenty so bound to be one to suit your personal interests.

FairyBunnyAgain Wed 21-Aug-19 21:03:32

Last time we had this we went to the air and space museum as it was near the airport.

Polyjuice Wed 21-Aug-19 21:04:37

If it’s just one day I’d get a map and just walk the sights - White House, Capitol, Supreme court, Lincoln memorial, Washington monument, Smithsonian for some of the masterpieces as you won’t have long! Georgetown is also lovely. It’s very walkable and easy to get around. Lovely city.

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Wed 21-Aug-19 21:11:07

Yeah, if good weather go see the monuments, if not pick a museum, the Smithsonians are great! You can go up the Washington monument, we really liked that, just something a bit different really!

BubblesBuddy Thu 22-Aug-19 02:00:50

The National Museum of American History is a great start. It’s America in a nutshell. I like the Air and Space Museum on the Mall but it does have gallery closures for refurbishment at the moment. Seeing the White House and visiting Congress and the US Capitol are also good things to do.

edgeofheaven Thu 22-Aug-19 02:29:04

If you just have one day definitely go see the monuments and get your snaps for Instagram! Weather should be beautiful in early October so great to walk around outside. The Washington Monument and the Mall and the Lincoln Memorial at a minimum. Enjoy!

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