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JessUKUS Sun 18-Aug-19 14:01:39

Hi. I am due to fly to the US with my Son, at the time he will be 6months old. I'll need to take his pushchair which is part of a travel system and therefore is two separate parts. Has anyone travelled with anything similar? Have you found any way of putting them together as 1, like a wrap? As i would be conferred they've be thrown around and something broken. Thanks

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dibdaw Mon 19-Aug-19 09:47:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IWouldPreferNotTo Mon 19-Aug-19 09:50:58

We've done this a few times with the car seat and two part travel system.

They just put a tag on each part.

What we did is by a roll of thick black cellophane used for packing and just wrap the material parts in it to keep them clean.

Yes, there is a danger it can be damaged but my friend's experience was that in the event of damage the airline was great about giving a loaner system and paying full price for a new travel system.

It does take a bit longer to checkin as at Stansted we had to take the car seat to oversized luggage to be put on the plane.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Mon 19-Aug-19 09:52:05

Most people buy an umbrella folding style buggy to take on planes

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