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Tokyo Olympics here we come - but where to sleep???

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dinkystinky Mon 29-Jul-19 11:18:40

Hi - we're a family of 5 and are heading to Japan for the Olympics next summer. The plan is to fly out as soon as school finishes, travel around abit, do 5 days in Tokyo (when we have tickets for 4 events) and then head out to travel for another week before flying home.

We know its going to be hot, and very busy. We'd ideally like to stay in an aparthotel/air BnB but I'm absolutely overwhelmed at the choice out there and no real fee for areas at this stage. Any tried and trusted recommendations from Mumsnetters who've been to Tokyo with families?

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secretllama Tue 30-Jul-19 11:58:24

Can't speak for Tokyo with a family, but we too were overwhelmed with what area to stay in! .... We ended up staying in Ginza as hotels were a decent price. Ginza is a designer shopping area so we tended to get the subway to shinjuku at night to eat/drink. When we returned to Tokyo at the end of our Japan trip we stayed in Sumida near the sky tree. The general consensus I've found is that it doesn't matter too much where you stay in Tokyo, as the subway is so easy to use you can get anywhere easily and quickly enough, and everywhere is safe! Sorry not much help but just my two cents smile You will love Tokyo!

dinkystinky Tue 30-Jul-19 15:30:04

Brilliant - thanks secretllama. So looking forward to going

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Aragog Wed 21-Aug-19 00:37:52

Have a look online to see where the venues will be. Tokyo is huge. It does have great transport links with the trains and subway but it can still take a while to travel between areas.

We are in japan on holiday at the moment and we're in Tokyo last week.

We stayed at the Hilton Tokyo Bay bear Disneyland. We stayed there, even though further out, partly because the rooms were a bit bigger and the cost a little less than some more central places. But it was also easy access to central Tokyo and also other parts of Tokyo Bay via the Maihama train station.

And yes it is hot here. Most days have been mid 30s but due to the humidity there is a feels like temperature of mid 40s. You spend most of the day feeling rather wet!! Everyone carries around a little towel to dab their face and neck with regularly! We are used to hot holiday weather but this is probably the most humid we've had. Lots of water, cotton or linen clothes, maybe a fan, and a flannel!

Celeriacacaca Wed 21-Aug-19 08:59:57

We're just back and had a ball, although it was hard work in the heat. We stayed in an Airbnb that was brilliant.]]
We were four- 2 adults and 2
Teens and it was perfect, even though it's set up for 8-10 to stay. Perfect location, close to Shinjuku JR. The air con was very good - some places we stayed in had poor air con and it really affected our sleep badly.

The heat is a real challenge. Think of sweat running down your back type heat. The Japanese have lots of things to counter it so worth stocking up when you get there. We got a spray which miraculously cooled the skin for age!

The Japanese dress modestly so you may feel out of place in strappy tops etc. I bought sleeveless linen mix dresses from next (£28) and they were perfect. We washed clothes each day as everything got sweaty but I packed very lightly and only took 5 dresses with me. Didn't wear any cardigans etc at all - too hot. Didn't want anything around my waist like shorts/skirts etc.

PM me is you'd like any other info. It's a fab place like no other - so calm and organised and such lovely people.

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