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Beach holiday destinations in Nov/Dec with 4 month yr old

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Slewis125 Mon 08-Jul-19 13:53:27

I’m looking to book a holiday towards end of November/beginning December from the UK with my 4 month year old. Any tips on destinations/hotels?

We would like a beach holiday so it will have to be long haul and want to take advantage whilst baby is young and not mobile!

TheSandgroper Mon 08-Jul-19 17:56:29


Stresshead123 Mon 08-Jul-19 19:23:12

Lanzarote ( is the best out of the canaries in my opinion) playa Blanca has some lovely hotels & weather great nov/dec plus only 4 hours away

TheRedBarrows Sun 28-Jul-19 13:50:03

It is an 11 hour flight though.

Phuquocdreams Sun 28-Jul-19 13:53:23

Any of Canary Islands.

LiliesAndChocolate Wed 31-Jul-19 05:22:26

Canary islands would be coldish in November/December. You might have good days, but you also might have chilly days.
I would want warm water and warmer evenings. Go for the Caribbean, or the Maldives. Pick an island with / or / accessible for medical emergencies.
We went to the Barcelo Bavaro when DD1 was 7 months. Huge hotel, perfect beach. The following year, we went to Jamaica and liked it less. Too many Americans that would drink 24/7.
Guadeloupe and Martinique are not as nice as the Dominican Republic, the beaches were a lot more bare, sometimes rocky, not the idea you have of a blue sea, white sand and lazy palm trees . Isla Margherita was really nice, but you wouldn't want to go to Venezuela now. Curacao is expensive.
Playa del Carmen in Mexico-Yucatan is nice. Plenty to do even with a baby. you can go for a walk during the day and not get stuck in a resort. One of you can enjoy the beach or a stroll in the main street, while the other has a yoga on the beach session. The beach and water are nice, not as rough as in Tulum. Avoid Cancun, use only the airport. Many cafe and nice restaurant on the beach, for a beer after dinner .

To sum it up, either Bavaro or Playa del Carmen.

ON the other side of the world, Thailand or Bali is really nice, with warm water and I mean really warm water and nice people. Can't advice on hotels as went there before kids. Plenty of beautiful resorts and you would be off peak.

ButDoYouAvocado Wed 31-Jul-19 06:20:51

I find the canaries cold in December. Hotel pools are like ice. Try Cape Verde. Nice tropical feel to it, lovely beaches and only five hour flight. Will be about 26 at that time of year.

MiniMaxi Wed 31-Jul-19 06:44:14

Barbados was lovely when we went in November a few years ago

isitwinetimeyet16 Wed 31-Jul-19 18:54:28

We took DD1 to Bali in November when she was 5months. Brilliant trip! Then we took DD2 to Cambodia, Laos and Thailand when she was 6 months. They're so much easier when they're smaller, go anywhere you like!

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