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First time safari ideas + tips

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chickenwings00 Sat 06-Jul-19 10:34:12

My DH has a special birthday next year and to celebrate we’d like to do a safari and beach holiday - just the two of us. We’ll be travelling in early September and budget of £6-8k (total, not pp unfortunately!).

I’ve heard some good things about South Africa but understand that’s one of the more child friendly destinations so would like to save that for further down the line. Where else would you recommend for safari newbies?

Any tips on how / who to book with as well would be much appreciated - have had a look at Virgin and Kuoni websites but not sure how they compare to other methods.

800msprint Thu 25-Jul-19 20:06:14

I'd go to Kenya and/or Tanzania. You can see a lot in a week or so in Kenya then cross over for Ngorongoro Crater which is unbelievable. Beaches too if you want that side of things.

The Masai Mara and Ngorongoro will be busy so you could always try a conservancy as well as national park. I stayed here and it was hands down one of the most memorable places I've ever been
Very different feel going on safari as it's more wild, no million other jeeps looking for the same lion etc and run by the community. Amazing place.

I also went direct with a Kenyan outfit (I lived there for a short while) Best Camping Tours and Safaris and they were brilliant. Miles cheaper and we got a brilliant guide and pop top van and personalised itinerary all to ourselves. We did travel in May so rainy and quiet season though. It was a camping safari but the lodges were those ones with electricity and it was honestly amazing. Very romantic. All you can eat buffets which were delicious. Best best trip ever!

Namibia would also be fab and quite different. I've driven round the country over 10 days or so and camped. Fairly easy. Beautiful and remote and wild. Weird Atlantic/Germanic coast. Desert elephants, Etosha, Skeleton coast.


tryingtorun Sun 28-Jul-19 09:05:49

We've just come back from safari in kenya. Absolutely amazing, we booked through trailfinders, we visited maasai mara, lake nakuru and amboseli national parks.. We also did a balloon flight over maasai mara, which was stunning. We then had a week in Zanzibar.

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