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Langkawi & Penang experts- help needed

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HomeHell Wed 03-Jul-19 05:32:35

I'm currently working in Kuala Lumpur.
I have this weekend off and am thinking of flying to Langkawi or Penang for the weekend.

I intend to get an early Staurday morning flight and return back to KL ON Sunday evening as I need to be back in work 8am Monday morning. So I won't even have a full 48 hours.
Last weekend I popped down to Singapore which I'm semi familiar with So easily found my way around confidently but fancy something new this weekend and just lacking in confidence and knowledge a bit.

So I need help with basics like trains/public transport to and from airports (I'm fine here in KL as I know the transport systems well). Decent hotel to stay in. I don't like roughing it tbh but don't want to spend huge sums if I'm not hanging out in the hotel much and out sightseeing.

Is the Sky Bridge easily accessible via public transport in Langkawi? Where else is easy to reach and worth seeing. Have heard about the mangroves etc. Are they worth the visit??

Or would Penang be better for the weekend?

Really any tips and ideas appreciated. I am totally up against it time wise and it travelling from airport to tourist spots and hotel is whats stressing me out so any help with that much appreciated.

Have had problems with my Grab/Uber apps since last week so kind of lost confidence with that (UK bank super tight security blocking payments) and would ideally prefer public transport as I'm still to get that sorted out.

QuilliamCakespeare Wed 03-Jul-19 05:49:49

The Danna Hotel in Langkawi is gorgeous but depends on your budget. It's close to the airport and they do complimentary transfers. It's not far to the sky bridge... it's a while ago now but I have a feeling we walked to the Oriental Village (to get the cable car up) from our hotel.

QuilliamCakespeare Wed 03-Jul-19 05:52:09

From the Sky Cab website: Question: Is there any public transport service that I can take to go to your place?
Answer :

You can take a taxi to come to our place as there is no bus service here in Langkawi Island. You might as well rent a car or a motorbike if you are in Langkawi Island as it would be easier for you to explore the island at your own convenience.

The sky bridge was closed when we were there but I'm sure the cable car takes you up to it.

Sp1nningAr0und58 Fri 05-Jul-19 04:28:48

I've been to the sky bridge in Langkawi. We hired a moped for a couple of days. We also went on a boat trip to see sea eagles.

Urbanvoltaire Mon 08-Jul-19 23:41:24

Only taxis in langkawi, download the Grab app. We stayed in kuah town. It's a lovely island.

OhEliza Mon 08-Jul-19 23:55:22

I loved Penang. The Ren I Tang is a nice (but not super posh) hotel in the center of town, and you can do day trips to great beaches and a really interesting spice garden. The town itself is fascinating for a wander around.

cardy1969 Tue 09-Jul-19 13:02:18

As others have said taxis are best way to get around in Langkawi, they are cheap and easy. Langkawi is relatively small so easy to get around.

The Sky bridge is about 15-20 mins from the airport in a taxi. We stayed at the Berjaya Langkawi resort which is walking distance to the cable car which takes you the sky bridge. All very easy, I'd definitely recommend Langkawi.

spinyffud Mon 15-Jul-19 20:36:28

I stayed in the 7 terraces in Georgetown and the Danna in langkawi. Both were beautiful in different ways. The food in Georgetown is still something I dream about! Enjoy!

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