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timeforawine Wed 26-Jun-19 16:18:54

Hi, has anyone been recently, did you feel safe around your hotel/going out on excursions? I'd like to book but my husband is wary, we'd have a 4 year old, next May, looking at Montego Bay.

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timeforawine Thu 27-Jun-19 13:49:08


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nrpmum Thu 27-Jun-19 13:59:43

Colleague said she has family near there. She said it's a nice place to go. Safe. Best though to do group excursions if you go on any. Would be good for a child, but make sure you book a child friendly hotel.

Ok to walk out and about but be prepared with a firm no for sellers.

Also they are prone to touch blonde heads!

timeforawine Thu 27-Jun-19 19:27:49

Thank you! That's really helpful, my daughter is very blonde! As am i but mines fake grin

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nrpmum Fri 28-Jun-19 10:01:40

😂😂😂😂 I'm not, so I get away with these situations. Have a fabulous time, and report back. It's somewhere I'd love to go.

Sparkle733 Fri 28-Jun-19 10:10:51

We went to Montego Bay.
Lovely place but would definitely only book trips through your holiday rep.
We did venture out once on our own but didn’t feel 100% safe but apart from that it is a beautiful country!
Have a lovely holiday!!

timeforawine Fri 28-Jun-19 10:21:35

Thanks @Sparkle733 thats good to hear, we would only do tours booked via the hotel smile

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GiggleMcDimples Fri 28-Jun-19 10:34:43

We got married in Jamaica 11 years ago (I know that's not recent) DS1 was 2.5 when we went. It was beautiful there and I'd go back tomorrow if I could! I felt safe there in the touristy areas but did feel very nervous in the markets although had nothing to be nervous about. I'm ginger and they wouldn't leave my hair alone but I get that in almost every country I go to.

timeforawine Fri 28-Jun-19 10:49:44

Thanks @GiggleMcDimples smilewould stay away from the markets and stick to guided tours

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maggiethecat Fri 05-Jul-19 04:22:22

Jamaican here although living away for over 20 years. When I return especially with kids I’m always aware of personal safety. There are some areas of the country that I will not venture into but that is mainly near Kingston. In the tourist areas not so much of a concern for me but I would say do book your tours through a rep if nervous about hiring a car and doing your own thing.
People are largely friendly and are mostly aware that attacks on tourists are bad for the community which relies heavily on tourist income.
The island is stunningly beautiful, has an incomparable vibe and culture and is unlike anywhere else in the world.
Am lying on a pavilion overlooking the beautiful Chaweng beach in Koh Samui at the moment and I was saying to my husband that it felt a bit soul less. I know that what I’m really missing is that Jamaican vibe. Could be a bit of nostalgia, which of course would not apply to you but then again maybe it’s not.
Whatever you do have an irie time.
Walk good.

Sp1nningAr0und58 Fri 05-Jul-19 04:35:57

Went last year. Stayed in all inclusive hotel. Booked several trips; Dunn river waterfall, luminescent water at night, horse riding, scuba diving, Bob Marley birthplace, off road buggy, trip into market town in hills, lots of music., cookery lesson
Very friendly people
Take money for tips US dollars
Be safe on all holidays

maggiethecat Fri 05-Jul-19 04:53:07

There is really a lot to do as takes your fancy. Plantation/history tour, zip lining (although your dc might be a bit young).
My kids loved it. Still number 1 holiday for them.

Smallandfriendly Fri 05-Jul-19 17:06:29

We stayed at Jewel Runaway Bay which is excellent for kids, safe beach and a small water park, very friendly staff.
We did a mix of organised excursions and also take a taxi to closer places. Your hotel will organise taxi and ours always waited until we were finished, to take us back.
We’ve been to lots of the islands (currently in Bahamas) and the Jamaicans especially the men, were the friendliest and up for a laugh.

timeforawine Fri 05-Jul-19 22:15:31

Thank you all for your advice, my husband has decided that, at the moment, he's not comfortable going to Jamaica, but i will go at some point, it looks a stunning island and no way will i never visit it.

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whatthehelldowecare Fri 05-Jul-19 22:25:01

We were in Jamaica in January and it was amazing! We went out ourselves a couple of times and I felt a little on edge, but I honestly do think it was just because everyone was so keen to tell us before we went how dangerous it was. Had I gone without my dad whittering in my ear about how I was definitely going to get murdered, I genuinely think it would have been fine!

You do just have to get good at a firm 'no thanks' but not any more so than those annoying restaurant/pub promoters in the Canaries

maggiethecat Sat 06-Jul-19 03:18:51

Smallandfriendly we did Jewels too and kids loved the water park. The quality of the food for an all inclusive was very good.
Timeforawine, totally get your dh’s position. Cannot go on holiday if you’re too uncomfortable from the start.
Jamaica does have issues although I would say that the poor crime record probably centres around Kingston and its surrounds. Even in Montego Bay, the issues they have had there probably are mostly in local communities.
If you do go, exercise caution as with anywhere else. My teenage daughter laughed at me when I took a shared taxi with her last night in Koh Samui feeling more safe than in a private one late at nightgrin

timeforawine Sat 06-Jul-19 08:32:04

You've all been so helpful thank you, as i say, i will go, one year. grin

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KissingFr0gs92 Sat 06-Jul-19 09:28:29

Preferred Jamaica to Cuba
Food much better quality & more variety
More relaxed vibe in Jamaica

fuzzyduck1 Sat 06-Jul-19 17:14:56

Went last year never felt unsafe

Sinn Thu 22-Aug-19 19:29:30

Sorry to jump on your thread OP, but has anyone been to the Royalton white sands? It's in Trelawny and I just wondered if that area is okay?

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