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Airbnb in Florida

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Oldmotherhubbardlivesinashoe Wed 05-Jun-19 09:07:19

Has anyone used Airbnb to book a villa in Florida? There seems to be lots of places at good prices. I'm just a little nervous about going all that way to find it's a scam.

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CrisisCrunchie Fri 09-Aug-19 17:44:34

I know a lot of people who have had successful stays in Florida Airbnb’s .. but I personally wouldn’t do it as I have previously booked a condo & a villa (difference years) and had them both cancelled by the owners at short notice.

Both times it was caused by owners deciding to sell..

CrisisCrunchie Fri 09-Aug-19 17:45:58

Re worrying about being scammed.. there is a site you can check property details on ... hopefully someone else will be able to direct you there as I can’t remember it x

Satsuma1234 Fri 09-Aug-19 19:18:40

Hhmmmm, I didn’t think it was legal in Florida or may be it’s New York? I’d check but holiday accommodation is plentiful without using air B and B.

InMyLivingRoom Fri 09-Aug-19 19:21:29

Yes, at Encantada (Orlando), and we were very happy. I suspected they would change the villa before the date and I was right, but they added the pool heating for free when I agreed to the switch.

Also booked an RV in Ocala through AirBnB and that was great too.

HundredMilesAnHour Sat 10-Aug-19 19:11:40

I've booked apartments in Miami twice with AirBNB.

One cancelled at short notice (I later found out the Miami Open was on at that time so I suspect they cancelled me so they could rent it out for a lot more money). It was really annoying as all the reasonably prices decent places were fully booked and I ended up spending a lot more money on a hotel.

The other was fine. So that's a 50:50 success rate. I used AirBNB quite a lot. Miami is the only cancellation I've ever had.

Tigresswoods Sun 11-Aug-19 03:22:20

Yes! I'm in one now. Check out Storey Lake, we booked through Airbnb.

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