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Where in February for fantastic weather and more....

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ProseccoSupernova Sat 25-May-19 11:00:46

Have done Thailand, Mexico, lots of the US, Middle East. Where would you go in Feb for 10-14 days of amazing sun, food, relaxation but some sights too? Could potentially combine a city stay then on to a beach resort? It’s for a big birthday so something memorable!

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ProseccoSupernova Sat 25-May-19 11:01:22

Just two adults so no family focussed resorts please!

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Notalktillcoffee Sun 26-May-19 11:35:45

Brazil is great in Feb, especially as you are traveling without kids. I would do a week in Rio then fly to Salvador. Great culture, beautiful beaches, lovely people.

PotolBabu Sun 26-May-19 11:39:38

I would have said Sri Lanka but I understand you might be wary.
Vietnam/Cambodia with a stop in Singapore? Or Malaysia/Indonesia- Bali/Penang/Sarawak/forests of Borneo.
Tanzania and east Africa?

Hollowvictory Sun 26-May-19 12:25:59

Caribbean is perfect at at that time of year. The calabash Hotel in Grenada is nice. Or how about the Maldives?

ShanghaiDiva Sun 26-May-19 13:02:59

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma - lot of fabulous options.

mamamooloo Sun 26-May-19 13:05:55

We went to Zanzibar in Feb this year and loved it. Could be combined with safari in Kenya or Tanzania.

ToothlessReg Wed 29-May-19 10:51:12

February is a great time weather-wise for lots of amazing places! Panama / Costa Rica / Belize should be good if you fancy Central America, or most of south east Asia?

For a big birthday, I’d probably pick something like Cambodia (few days seeing the temples at Angkor Wat then beach), or Belize with a side trip into Guatemala to see Tikal.

BubblesBuddy Wed 29-May-19 21:23:35

It will be fearsomely hot in Brazil. A week on the beaches in Rio wouldn’t suit me. Great for people watching though.

A memorable holiday would be going to somewhere like Virgin Gorda. Beaches are fantastic. You can get a ferry to other islands. Little Dix Bay is heaven.

Or look at Cape Town and drive along the Garden Route. Great food, great places to stay (guest houses are the luxurious option) plus seaside towns such as Knysna are lovely and you could go to Addo for a short safari if you like too.

Hashtag1 Thu 08-Aug-19 18:53:40

The Al'Husn in Oman? Absolutely stunning hotel and beautiful country. Weather will be ideal then too. Muscat itself is very interesting too.

Theknacktoflying Thu 08-Aug-19 18:56:57

South Africa - it is glorious weather and shoulder season ...

lovelyupnorth Fri 09-Aug-19 21:21:19

Caribbean would be my suggestion.

We’re off to Ghana which is hot in February

ginyogarepeat Fri 09-Aug-19 21:24:33

Cuba? Combine sight seeing in Havana and other towns with a beautiful beach break.

FrankiesKnuckle Fri 09-Aug-19 21:28:54

Kerala- backwaters and beach.

fuzzyduck1 Mon 12-Aug-19 23:42:13

Antarctica it’s summer there in February

boredboredboredboredbored Wed 14-Aug-19 22:25:20

We are going to Sri Lanka on honeymoon in Feb. After the attacks we thought we would cancel but to be honest I'm not sure anywhere in the world is completely safe.

BubblesBuddy Thu 15-Aug-19 20:21:39

Antarctica? Really fits the “sun” criteria!

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