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St Lucia with a 11 month old

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EmilyandLola Wed 18-Jul-07 20:26:58

Going to St Lucia with DD who will be 11 months.

Going with my parents and big brother, but leaving DP at home.

Flying first class so not too worried about the plane, although its about 9 hour flight.

We are staying in our own home, so no hotels etc - the house has Air Con.

Never traveled with her this far, bit apprehensive.

Should I take any thing particular with me? I know I have to make bottles with bottled water, but what else?

What will I need? Apart from oodles of sun cream...

EmilyandLola Fri 20-Jul-07 14:59:10


EmilyandLola Fri 20-Jul-07 20:23:20

Seriously. I need help?

coddy Fri 20-Jul-07 20:23:47

i think i hate yo

lol have oyu never been to your own hoem before?

coddy Fri 20-Jul-07 20:24:35

pointydog Fri 20-Jul-07 20:37:35

TAke some haribo

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