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Visiting Canada - What kind of travel adapter will I need?

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Pinkrose13 Tue 30-Apr-19 13:49:34

I cant survive without my GHD straightener Please can anyone tell me what kind of travel adapter will I need for charging our iphones ? Are iphones dual voltage? In that case will i just need a Pin adapter, not a voltage adapter? what about my GHD?

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AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 30-Apr-19 14:43:16

You need a USA travel adaptor as this will work in Canada too.

To supply power to your iPhone from the Canadian power outlet you'll need to use a Type A USB power adapter and a USB to Apple Lightning cable (Apple will typically supply this cable when you first purchase the iPhone).

Do check with your phone service provider re potential roaming charges before you travel to Canada and get a plan that is right for your usage.

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