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Cairo with young kids

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Linguaphile Mon 29-Apr-19 17:10:07

We’re st booking stage for a family holiday to visit the pyramids at October half term. Whoop! The kids are ages 6 and 4, so does anyone have pearls of wisdom to share? I think we will definitely be wanting a tour operator to do the driving, etc. for days out to see the pyramids, museum, etc., so recommendations would be very welcome. Hoping to stay at the Marriott in the new capital by the airport, which I realize is quite far away from the sights, but the price is right for a nice 5 star hotel with good amenities and facilities for young families! My kids will adore the pool cabana rooms.

Was thinking we could space out the trip with sightseeing every other day and just enjoy the pool and hotel on the days in between, so we’d have 3 days of sightseeing and 3 pool days. My current thoughts are to have a day in Giza seeing the pyramids, Sphinx, etc, a day seeing the Egyptian museum and visiting the markets, and a day in Alexandria to visit the library etc. Does this sound feasible? Any glaringly bad ideas?

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