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Shall I look elsewhere

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katrina0x Tue 16-Apr-19 18:42:42

Hi my boyfriend has booked us to go to Dubai next month and Im kind of scared. My baby is a year old and we will be leaving her for four nights which I am now getting okay with but is Dubai safe?? I'm scared of terrorism shall I ask him to change destination?

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Parker231 Tue 16-Apr-19 18:46:10

Dubai is lovely for a holiday. Not aware of any terrorism threats - I’ve always felt very safe there.

cariadlet Thu 18-Apr-19 00:58:36

Dubai is very low risk for terrorism. You're more likely to be caught up in something in London.

Aquathest Thu 18-Apr-19 01:40:46

If you are really worried about this sort of thing for this holiday (or any others in future) check the foreign travel advice page on
It lists lots of travel information (including safety) country by country.

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