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Family hotel in Chiang Mai

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QueenMabby Sun 14-Apr-19 18:29:20

We’re tentatively looking at a family holiday to Thailand next year. Me, DH and 2 DC (14 and 11 when we travel).
We’re going to be travelling around a little bit and would love some recommendations for good quality hotels in Chiang Mai. Preferably in/near the old town and with a pool. Thanks.

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ShanghaiDiva Sun 14-Apr-19 22:40:32

We stayed here - lovely hotel and suite with lounge area is ideal for a family

QueenMabby Mon 15-Apr-19 09:58:05

Will have a look. Thanks. There’s just too much info out there and it’s all v v confusing!

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QueenMabby Mon 15-Apr-19 10:01:47

Ah. Adults only apparently! No good for a family after all! Looks beautiful though.

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ShanghaiDiva Mon 15-Apr-19 23:49:05

Oh no - we were there about 4 or 5 years ago with our children. It is a great location in the old time. Perhaps you can find something near there on

ZaraW Tue 16-Apr-19 06:01:50 this is my favourite part of Chang Mai, the street food market is just round the corner and is amazing. Across from the hotel is a cafe that has a beautiful gsrden/outside space. Faces bistro is also very good.

QueenMabby Wed 17-Apr-19 12:38:24

Thanks for the recommendation.

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fuzzyduck1 Thu 18-Apr-19 17:18:39

We stayed at villa de changmia small but only 10 mins walk into main center. Nice family friendly with a small pool which is lovely to take a dip in when it’s hot.
No food onsite but cafe’s 2 mins away

MulderitsmeX Fri 19-Apr-19 10:57:12

I love the Sala chain, not too pricey either

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