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New York for 3 days with 2 DDs 14 and 12

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Cathpot Sat 13-Apr-19 20:40:43

Hi- might be able to get to New York this coming week for 3 days. DH has been quite a bit so he has some ideas of where to go, but hasn’t been with kids. Any suggestions of things to do with a 12 and 14 year old? They are low drama and up for most things, any ideas welcome!

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BubblesBuddy Sun 14-Apr-19 04:35:45

Staten Island Ferry, Ellis Island, The High Line, either Top of the Rock or Empire State, MoMa, Tenement Museum, Brooklyn Bridge, Radio City Music Hall, Central Park and 5th Avenue - for starters!

Time Out will have up to date restaurant ideas. Avoid tacky places! (Ellens) Try and plan sensible days so you are not doing Central Park and Staten Island on the same day!

Also it might be chilly! The wind can feel icy even in April on the High Line and the Brooklyn Bridge!

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 14-Apr-19 08:27:23

Was going to suggest similar to Bubbles in terms of things to do and see. Do not go on the carriage rides near Central Park because its a rip off.

Can recommend both St Johns pizza and Virgils (bbq) if you like such foodstuffs.

Do you have the documentation needed in terms of ESTAs for all of you?.

The daytime temperature this week in NYC will range between 15 and 19 degrees C.

stucknoue Sun 14-Apr-19 08:32:14

Make sure you can get an esta in time, they aren't instant. A Broadway show maybe, they have the original Winnie the Pooh toys (or did) at the central library (free) the museums are good.

Cathpot Sun 14-Apr-19 09:14:20

Thanks- that all sounds good. We reminded ourselves about ESTAs last night- we had one last year , DH just going to check if we are still covered. We should know by tonight if we are going!

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chemenger Sun 14-Apr-19 14:55:47

My daughter really loved having a hot chocolate in the cafe in Ralph Lauren just off 5th Avenue, called Ralph’s which we stumbled upon during a somewhat stressful trip to NY. It’s very classy but not all that expensive. Very instagramable.

We did the open top bus tour, buy your tickets online rather than on the street. It’s a good way to see the highlights and also rest your weary feet.

Definitely try and see a show, the ticket booth on Times Square is the place to get a deal. We went to The Ferryman which was one of the best plays I’ve ever seen but maybe not for younger teens. We also went to an absolutely terrible play which is meant to be the equivalent of the Mousetrap, avoid this like the plague, primary school nativities have better plots and acting.

Cathpot Sun 14-Apr-19 16:41:43

Thanks- have saved all the recommendations, really useful

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mysteryfairy Sun 28-Apr-19 17:40:00

dessert place my dd loved as a younger teen

ivykaty44 Mon 29-Apr-19 08:56:36

Going to NY later this autum

Love the idea of a hot chocolate

Has anyone purchased the city pass and was it worthwhile? We’ve looked and it looks good on face value

SJane48S Mon 29-Apr-19 19:48:16

As another option for Broadway shows, download the TodayTix app onto your phone - they offer discounted tickets & Rush tickets (cut price on the day tickets you have to buy pretty much as soon as they go on sale). Use New York as the location. Completely unrelated but it’s a useful app for the West End as well & they run the weekly Harry Potter lottery

Hellohah Mon 29-Apr-19 19:51:15

DS13 loved this

tobermoryisthebestwomble Sun 05-May-19 23:54:50

We were there earlier this year with dcs age 13 and 15 for 3 nights. We also did the open top bus tour. Honestly, we saw so much this way and the kids thought the hosts were hilarious.

If you like the theatre the quality of Broadway shows is higher even than London's West End. We went to see Book of Mormon (very strong language but my dcs thoroughly enjoyed), otherwise Hamilton is fab if you can get tickets.

We did top of the Rock rather than esb and my teens really enjoyed taking pictures. We went up just around sunset so also got the nighttime skyline view.

My kids really enjoyed just throwing on a backpack and being intrepid explorers in NYC, and were happy as long as they could charge their phones (Starbucks is your friend here) ane had plenty of snacks.

TherealLadyMiche Tue 07-May-19 14:11:34

My 14 year (and me) old love sea & air intrepid- lots to do and see and it's got the space shuttle!!
Also hired bike and cycled round Central Park and stopped for ice cream. Loved that.

Blackbi2d Tue 07-May-19 18:59:20

Which is better for teens-Hamilton or Book of Morman? How do you get cheap tickets?

TherealLadyMiche Tue 07-May-19 20:42:47

Your not going to get cheap tickets for Hamilton-my friend lives there and wanted to see it, already seen it in London. Tickets where more than twice the price in NYC.

TherealLadyMiche Tue 07-May-19 20:43:54

Film location tour bus. We run out of time but will do that next time.

BubblesBuddy Tue 07-May-19 21:41:41

Tickets for Hamilton are around $250- $300 per seat if you can get them. I think London was £150 (£175) ish for most seats. It’s very long, you have to listen to the rap carefully and the Americans are whooping and hollering. It’s a very animated audience. It’s American history and you need to know if to fully enjoy it. I don’t think Broadway is better but it definitely costs more and always has done. If you are only there for a short time it can really eat into your budget. Something less hyped might be better!

SJane48S Wed 08-May-19 12:20:01

Although your chances would be slim & you’d only win 2 seats, Hamilton run a lottery (download the Hamilton app, select New York, enter for the chance to win 2 tickets at $10 each). On the TodayTix app, they have tickets for the Book of Mormon from $69. But there are numerous shows on Broadway on TodayTix for less that are not on in the West End (Beetlejuice, Mean Girls, The Prom etc) which may be good alternatives? Hamilton is a bit marmite!

Fazackerley Wed 08-May-19 12:21:35

The cinema!! Huge screens insanely loud, massive massive popcorn and new movies!

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