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New Zealand with a toddler - advice needed

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NorwichMummy Fri 13-Jul-07 19:30:10

Dh and I are hoping to go to New Zealand in March for about 4/5 weeks with Ds who will be approaching 2 at the time. We have a rough itinerary planned of a week in the South Island then a week in Hamilton, a few days in the Bay of Islands, then a weeks in Wellington and finishing with a week in Napier. We are then going to fly home via Brisbane to visit relatives.
I would be grateful for any advice especially regarding travelling whilst we are over there. We have been toying with the idea of a camper van, but were wondering how practical it would be with a toddler? Or maybe a camper van for the South Island and then hotels and the like in the North Island..... hmmm who knows?

spudz Sat 14-Jul-07 19:36:05

Hi NorwichMummy
We spent 6 weeks touring NZ last Nov/Dec. What a fantastic country - not enough time to see it all! We debated about campervan but because we've got 4 children thought it might be a squeeze. We hired a car and worked our way around numerous Top 10 campsites staying in well fitted out cabins.Check them out at It gave us more space, cooking and washing facilities, often a pool and almost always a playground. The campervans do guzzle fuel and are less practical for nipping about in. Do be aware of lots of hidden insurance extras which aren't always included in your initial quotes. We have used them in the States and Oz but our youngest was 4 so don't know how toddler- proof they are. Some friends with a toddler did try the campervan option but went in NZ winter and found it a very cramped and cold experience. Am sure their summer would be more bearable. Good luck with whatever you decide - am sure you'll have a very memorable time.

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