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Need a good holiday destination for me, my husband and the kids!!

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Nikola1 Wed 11-Jul-07 18:06:40

Hey guys,

Im new to mumsnet

I was just wondering if any of you had any good recommendations for holidays outside the UK, Europe or Long Haul is fine. My husband and I are looking to go somewhere that is also able to cater for the kids, both girls, Marin 6 and Lisa 8. Any thoughts would be appreciated, on anywhere!


ammy1 Thu 12-Jul-07 09:50:51

what sort of holiday do you want? beach? sightseeing? what is your budget?

filchthemildmanneredjanitor Thu 12-Jul-07 09:51:26

puerto pollensa in majorca is fabulous for going to with kids.

really nice.

AussieSim Thu 12-Jul-07 10:02:09

Club Med Lindeman Island - on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Won the Award for Best Family Holiday last year. It often has specials with children for free. Kids Club would be free the whole time for your DD's - heaps of activities, tours, great weather etc etc. I am going in late August - can't wait!

JolieGirl Thu 12-Jul-07 10:17:07

Sardinia. Gorgeous - my favourite place in the world. BA/EasyJet and I think Ryanair all fly there. Head to the south - more rustic, less swanky than the north, the most stunning white sandy beaches, fabulous food, very few Brits but lots to see and do!

kslatts Thu 12-Jul-07 10:47:21

Florida - we went last year and had an amazing time, so much to do.

Canada - we hired a car and stayed in different hotels around Ontario.

Nikola1 Thu 12-Jul-07 13:40:07

Well a couple of years ago I received some inheritance and rather then spend it on a new kitchen we thought we would spend it on a holiday abroad, which is why I included long haul!! I will def look at Oz AussieSim, thanks! and thanks for all your suggestions guys I will have a look at Europe too.

Ammy, Im basically looking for a holiday that can cater for the kids, and it has to have a beach, but I want a bit of culture thrown in too, so sightseeing wouldn’t be off the list either.


mogwai Wed 18-Jul-07 12:30:39

Far North Queensland, Australia, between May - October

1. Flights directly to Cairns from Asia - throw in a stopover to Disneyland Hong Kong for only the cost of the hotel

2. Great Barrier reef - stunning from Cairns or Port Douglas - ask me for more details if you need them

3. Daintree rainforest - 2 hours drive north - oldest continually surviving rainforest on earth

4. freaky animals and crocodile infested rivers - take a boat tour or visit the rainforest habitat at Port Douglas for their "breakfast with the birds" buffet

5. Gorgeous beaches at Port Douglas/Cape Tribulation/Palm Cove

6. Aboriginal culture centre at Cairns

7. Historic railway through Barron Gorge national park to Kuranda, returning on a cable car above the trees (google Kuranda Scenic Railway and Skyway) near Cairns

8. Swim in freshwater gorge at Mossman (1 hour Cairns, 10 mins Port Douglas)

9. Walk through Lava tubes at Undara (4 hours from Cairns)

10. Very noisy parrots at sunset

11. Picnic at volcanic lakes Eacham and Barrine (spot the turtle)

12. See a huge curtain fig tree

13. Feast on fresh tropical fruits including custard apples and chocolate pudding fruit

mrcandmre Wed 18-Jul-07 12:34:41

Some friends of mine has just come back from Ibiza, and though it has the streotype for being party party party, it really isn't.

They have 2 young boys, and went to the quiet side of the island. They all had a wonderful time, good food, good weather and plenty for everyone to do. Also the flight isn't too long, and things are quite cheap!

escape Wed 18-Jul-07 12:36:56

florida - family fabulous!
Barbados - turtle beach hotel,
great food and top kidsclub

HolidayboundHorsewoman Wed 18-Jul-07 12:51:57

I will add my support for Florida. Going on Fri for 3 weeks. PLEASE remember, all of y'all that Florida is about the size of GB, and there is so much more to it than Orlando and Miami. I stay at my dad's on the SW Gulf Coast (generations of presidents vacation there) and it is purely paradise. The DCs can't get enough. We sometimes take the boat out into the gulf of Mexico, and dolphins swim upsides the boat, diving out of the water. You can kayak through the mangroves and spot manatee, eat lunch at the beach cafe (out on the sand) and be watched by an interested iguana, or pack up a picnic and boat out to one of the islands (Cabbage Key or Caya Costa spring to mind) and pretend you're in a Bounty advert! (Deserted white sand beaches, palm trees leaning across the sand...) Heaven. (Can you tell I'm looking forward to escaping the rain and the stench of sewage of S. Yorkshire??)

escape Wed 18-Jul-07 13:00:05

hijack alert - Horsemad - is it that stinky in south yorks! dad is in doncaster but wasn't flooded

HolidayboundHorsewoman Wed 18-Jul-07 13:02:08

I am 14 miles from Doncaster, and although we weren't flooded, the local town was. The area just can't take any more rain, and every time it does rain (every day - currently bucketing down) the sewers rise, and the whole place smells like stinky drains for ages. Tis 'orrible.

escape Wed 18-Jul-07 14:41:46

ooooh, dad is in 'thorne' don't know if that's near you - i'll have to ask him, although he'll care about as much as you do at the minute as he's flying out to sunny Malta to us on Monday! enjoy Florida am very

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