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Vietnam or Nepal with one year old

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mylittleman Wed 11-Jul-07 17:15:33

I am thinking about going to either Vietnam or Nepal when DS would be just over one. Has anyone been to either and are they children friendly? I was kind of hoping to do it 'backpacker' style but don't want to compromise the safety/health of my boy. Any thoughts?

hana Wed 11-Jul-07 17:17:29

not sure if nepal is still a little unstable?
I'd vote for vietnam- they love children, and it's quite easy to get around on buses or trains. gorgeous beaches on the coast too.

MrsBadger Wed 11-Jul-07 17:27:11

1yo can be a hard stage because they are toddling round licking dogs in the street (as it were), but we saw lots of children this age (and younger / older) having a great time when we were in Pokhara.
The cost of living is so comparatively low that a 'backpacker' budget can buy you a reasonable hotel with decent bathroom etc, and a very little more can get you an extremely nice place.

Get out of Kathmandu as soon as possible though - it can be utterly manic, esp in Thamel, the trad backpacker/tourist quarter.

Dhulikhel might be a good place to start to ease yourself in gently, and is cabbable to KTM if you wanted to do a couple of day trips. Or perhaps stay in the expatty end of town (Patan/Lalitpur) - hotels are pricier though as it's where the UN etc hang out.

You'll never have a problem getting yoghurt, plain rice, wonton-like dumplings (momos) or UHT milk wherever you are but am not sure re specifically baby things like formula or nappies, though you can get most things in tourist areas.

MrsBadger Wed 11-Jul-07 17:29:37

Oh and stability-wise Nepal is apparently ok so long as you stick to well-travelled routes, pay for your trekking permits without arguing and don't get mixed up in any demonstrations - a friend used to work out there for the ICRC translating for political prisoners, negotiating for hostages etc and they wound his mission up in the spring because it had calmed down so much.

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