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Getting from Cairo to Jordan?

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Linguaphile Mon 25-Mar-19 12:05:26

We’re planning our Feb half term for next year and initially had decided to do Jordan (base in Aqaba to see Petra, the Dead Sea, etc) because we found a brilliant deal on flights. However, as I’ve thought about it I’m wondering if maybe we should fly into Cairo instead and just leave from Aqaba as we could then also see the pyramids, which the kids have been dying to do.

I’m just looking now at how we get from Cairo to Aqaba... what’s the quickest and safest way? Is there some sort of car charter company where we can be collected from our hotel in Cairo, driven overland across the border(s) and dropped at our hotel in Aqaba? We’re a family of 5, so I’m thinking a private car might be most cost effective?

Anyone done this and have suggestions?

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ToothlessReg Wed 27-Mar-19 16:06:29

I can’t help with crossing from Egypt to Jordan - guess you would have to go overland via Israel? We just got back and met a lot of people who’d done the border crossing by Eilat to Aqaba with no bother - lots used a shuttle service to save on taxi fees. It depends how long you’ve got for the holiday as to whether the journey was worth it.

I would maybe reconsider just basing yourselves at Aqaba though. The town is nice enough, but it is a few hours drive to Petra, and even further to the Dead Sea - I definitely wouldn’t want to try and do it as a return trip in a day as well as exploring. We hired a car and moved from place to place staying 1-3 nights at each. Petra is huge, expect a lot of walking - we did 2 long days there and still didn’t see it all.

Also, don’t miss a night in the Wadi Rum. It was the highlight for us, and most others we met, think kids would love it. We went with Wadi Rum Nomads who were great.

thenightsky Wed 27-Mar-19 16:24:06

We did Eilat to Cairo pyramids about 12 years ago, prior to the 'arab spring' (so opposite direction to your plans). It was awful. Its hours and hours driving across the Sinai - around 7 or 8 hours. There were check-points we had to stop at every hour approx, where me and DD were leered at by scary men with big guns (shudder). We had a guard in the mini bus with us who slept the whole way and left his big gun in a holdall down the middle of the minibus (just in case one of us needed it hmm. The Egypt/Israel border crossing took another 3 hours due to endless dicking around by 'officials'. I'm not sure this crossing is even open anymore (you'd need to check the travel advice for Israel). I have heard its been closed.

Linguaphile Wed 27-Mar-19 18:42:09

Thanks for the replies, and actually @ToothlessReg since posting this our plans have changed! Too much to see to not take advantage, and we think we’ll just skip Egypt this time around as Jordan already feels tight time-wise. New itinerary is:

2 nights Aqaba
2 nights Wadi Rum (thinking of the Aicha luxury camp? Our kids are young so their executive tent looks like it will be warm and cosy in the winter)
1 night at Petra
2 nights at one of the resorts at the Dead Sea, then back to Aqaba to catch our evening flight back out.

Any further suggestions? Accommodation recommendations? Looking at the Movenpick for Dead Sea and Aqaba as they seem to offer reasonable prices on family rooms. For Petra we’re trying to decide between the Movenpick or another Bedouin camp at Little Petra. Thoughts?

It’s all quite exciting to plan!

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Linguaphile Wed 27-Mar-19 18:46:34

Good to know about the border crossing though @thenightsky! Not a good idea, noted. 😬

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ToothlessReg Wed 27-Mar-19 22:01:59

I think that looks like a good trip - although I’d maybe do 1 night Wadi Rum, 2 nights Petra. You could still do 2 full days in the Wadi Rum, then drive to Wadi Musa late afternoon and have a night there before getting up and going to Petra. Petra opens at 6am and it’s def worth getting there early - weathers cooler for walking around and you get it almost to yourselves. By 8am, the treasury is busy, and it just gets busier from there when all the coach parties / cruise tours rock up!

The Mövenpick at Petra is right by the entrance and easily walkable to some great local restaurants, so that’s def a good shout. Think there are 2 Movenpick hotels in Aqaba - I’d go for the one in town personally, again lots of good places to eat. If you’re into diving or want to try it there are loads of places to go on the Red Sea 😊

That Bedouin camp looks very swish! We chose a smaller one which was more basic but only 10 tents and run by a Bedouin family which suited us. It does get cold at night but our tents had big blankets for the beds and we slept fine. I’d just check what you get included with the stay - ours was a full 2 days in a jeep, going to different places around the desert with our Bedouin guide, stopping off and climbing mountains and rock bridges, camel riding, even going to his mum’s tent for lunch! I’d heard some camps charge extras for all these things so worth checking. You have to try the traditional dinner, it’s cooked underground and is so tasty!

Celeriacacaca Sat 30-Mar-19 22:59:42

Place marking as this is a trio I'd love to do with DCs. Sounds so interesting.

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