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Moving to Perth or Sydney with teenagers

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Madily Sat 16-Mar-19 09:55:55

Hi all, I am really hoping for some good advice as we are so confused!. My husband and I have two daughters ages 10 and 13. We used to live in Sydney and moved back to the UK when our eldest was 1. We are seriously considering moving back to Australia now as really feel the quality of life has more to offer the girls. We have no problems with visas etc as we all have citizenship so that isn't my concern. My main areas of concern are uprooting the girls from school. Has anybody else moved with similar aged children and can offer some advice either positive or negative please? Also, the impact on children in terms of leaving friends, their comforts etc. Secondly, whilst we have always lived in Sydney, we feel that Perth would be a fantastic option moving forwards. I have a sister in Perth so would have family there but having never lived there, I'm concerned about it's isolation a little. Can anyone offer advice or views on Perth vs Sydney pleeeeaaaassse! Any help really really appreciated.

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HennyPennyHorror Sat 16-Mar-19 10:37:17

Well I live in Adelaide, having moved here when our two girls were 7 and 11.

If your girls are generally well adjusted, they should be just fine. Have you spoken to them about it?

I don't like Perth myself but have friends who think it's the bees knees. A sister in Perth would be a big plus is so important.

I think you shouldn't worry about the children. You already know the benefits of life out here...they're big.

I can't sing the praises of South Australia enough not best person to advise about where to live!

Madily Sat 16-Mar-19 11:07:16

Thank you HenryPennyHorror, it is so helpful to hear that you settled well. I love South Australia but for us it makes sense to either go back to Sydney which we know well or take the leap to Perth where family is. My concern with Sydney is how busy it is now and will we end up swapping like for like (weather aside) if that makes sense. My girls are both doing okay in school. One is dyslexic and is thriving in her secondary school, very involve with drama and wants to go into that filed as an adult. She is super focused so I also worry about the arts culture in Perth but then wonder if I am overthinking!! Do you have any idea what class sizes are generally in secondary schools please?

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Theknacktoflying Sat 16-Mar-19 11:11:22

Would it be really hard to go out and see the lay of the land?
You have been away for a while and things and areas change

HennyPennyHorror Sat 16-Mar-19 13:22:27

I don't know about schools in Perth but advise you to check NAPLAN which is our sort of equivalent to OFSTED. to get an idea of which schools are doing well.

Private can be cheaper here. For example, a good Catholic school might charge a few grand per child a year...not going to break the bank but better than the "free" option down the road.

For a child who wants to pursue acting, look at WAAPA and NIDA...two of the best drama schools out here.

There are a lot of acting classes etc here in Oz...and if least in SA, I have found the arts to be very well funded. There are a lot of opportunities ( and a small pond!).

Class sizes in my experience are similar to the UK.

TheSandgroper Mon 08-Apr-19 08:29:16

I can't help you with Sydney but in Perth, class sizes are about 30. Stage gov secondary schools with low, voluntary fees are all around and then their are private schools which charge fees of varying levels. There are two systems - Catholic and others.

Private schools have their specialties. You will have to look them up. State high schools have specialties where they have their local intake for everything but then have aptitude tests for the specialty (drama, dance, soccer etc).

TheSandgroper Mon 08-Apr-19 08:30:34

As to arts culture, we (WA) educated Hugh Jackman. "Nuff said, I think.

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Mon 08-Apr-19 08:36:23

As to arts culture, we (WA) educated Hugh Jackman. "Nuff said, I think

What a weird thing to say

Northern england educated Sir patrick stewert and sir ian mckellen
(Not a particallarly arty culture in either yorkshire or lancasershire)
Places in america educated many many actors

So no not 'nuff said in fact really nothing said one slightly good actor! Wow!

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