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Holiday with 9 year old DD

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Birdy65 Sun 10-Mar-19 22:14:20

We have not had a holiday for the last four years. I have saved up to go away this year and would love some advice on destinations.
We have two weeks off in the middle of August. Happy to consider longer flights too, as well as cruises. It doesn't necessarily have to be a beach holiday either.
I looked at Disneyland Paris but for the same price as a 3 night stay we could get at least a one weeks holiday somewhere.
I have saved £4,000 for the holiday but would prefer not to spend it all if possible. Any ideas?

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BubblesBuddy Sun 10-Mar-19 23:22:27

We did a families worldwide adventure holiday to Peru in August one year. You might just make it on money but you would never forget it! They have other destinations and the great advantage is you meet other families. Costs Rica might be in budget.

We also did a cruise to Alaska. Not sure about cost these days but I recommend it in late August. Trips off the ship cost a fortune though.

Penguinpandarabbit Tue 12-Mar-19 09:04:12

Costa Rica works well for that age and should be in budget. How many people is it for?

We went summer before last and 2 adults, 2 kids 2 weeks was £6,300 including kayaking, windsurfing, waiter service every night. Went via TUI to RUI Guanacaste - trips were around £100 per person per trip and loads of different ones. Its in rainforest and we had racoons, coati, gecko, pelican at hotel wandering round and monkeys 50 metres away. Beach and pool on site though not a sunbathing destination, very much an active destination so lots of ziplining, horseriding, waterslides through jungle, watersports etc.

Penguinpandarabbit Tue 12-Mar-19 09:11:32

If you prefer to do self catering flights direct to Liberia in Costa Rica were around £750 each, think to San Jose was similar - San Jose itself I didn't go but think its not that nice but can go to places like Arenal, Monteverde and lots of other lovely places. Trips to see sloths were we were too.

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