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USA holiday in October half term where to go for hot weather

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Frazzled74 Sun 10-Mar-19 14:25:14

I am looking for a sun holiday in the US to tag on to a trip to New York, best destinations please? Not really into theme parks etc, but would like to swim and relax , needs to be a car free holiday so good transport links.

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AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 10-Mar-19 16:28:11

Miami is a city worth considering as an add on and it also has good transport links (buses and metro).

Frazzled74 Sun 10-Mar-19 18:03:34

Thank you Attila,I started to look at Miami, then got a bit overwhelmed with where to stay. Which area would you recommend ? Taking dc, so don’t need nightclubs etc, we would like a couple of trips, maybe boat trip ,bus tour etc. I also looked at LA but think it might be difficult without a car. We don’t need scorching weather but hot enough to swim, will the weather be pretty much guaranteed? ( as much as it can be)

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BubblesBuddy Sun 10-Mar-19 23:29:25

LA is impossible without a car! You could try SF. Trolley cars help out there! Not sure about beaches though. Plenty of good trips are available to other areas which hotels will help you with. The other location might be San Diego. We were not very keen but some people love it. Not sure about car free though, as we had one. On the East Coast, there are trains from NY (north and south) that go to beach areas but again you might be a bit captive once you are there.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 11-Mar-19 08:30:59

I would look at staying for instance in one of the downtown hotels near Bayside; this is an open air restaurants/shopping centre and they operate bus trips and boat rides (both more sedate and speedboat rides) from there. That area is also served by buses that go to Miami Beach and points north like Aventura. Uber is widely available and I would make full use of this. Its also not far from the peoplemover which is free to use and this will link you to their Metro train network.

Soontobe60 Mon 11-Mar-19 08:45:49

San Francisco won't be hot in October. How about going inland and staying on a lake? Lake Tahoe? The majority of places you will need a car I'm afraid.

IggyPoppers Mon 11-Mar-19 08:46:01

You could do a mix of Orlando/Space coast/keys. We've been during the half term and the weather was perfect.

NameChangeMcgee Mon 11-Mar-19 08:54:44

If there's a Santa Ana going on it could be very warm in parts of California - but there's no guarantees on that front and the Pacific isn't warm.

PotteringAlong Mon 11-Mar-19 08:56:05

If you’re only there for half term you don’t want to be flying from New York to California! That’s a heck of a distance!

BikeRunSki Mon 11-Mar-19 08:56:46

We went to SF the first week of October about 15 years ago, and it was still warm enough for shorts and T shirts. This may of course have been a fluke!!

BubblesBuddy Mon 11-Mar-19 09:32:02

With global warming lots of places are warm in October! However it might not be warm enough! Further south is the only option then!

BubblesBuddy Mon 11-Mar-19 09:35:53

Well there is a problem with wanting swimming and hotter weather in October in the USA. Indoor pool? I would travel around NY state for a bit of a change of scene. It’s easier. Or go down to Washington on the train. Sun seeking will involve travel and I would not bother. Going south is the only option for that.

sm40 Mon 11-Mar-19 09:38:09

In key west you cycle everywhere! But think it's expensive to get the flight to the little airport there.

mrsk28 Mon 11-Mar-19 09:46:13

We went to New Orleans last year and loved it, perfect add on trip to NYC and you could manage without a car. Accommodation was quite pricey but we got an Airbnb and it was great. Think it's around 20-22 degrees in November time.

mrsk28 Mon 11-Mar-19 09:47:20

*October, not November

Ambi Mon 11-Mar-19 09:54:18

Vegas, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara.

mummymeister Mon 11-Mar-19 11:26:35

It will be hurricane season in some areas of the USA so please bear this in mind when looking. We really like Oregon. not sure if it would be hot enough for you though. I would say florida but not for the hurricanes.

BubblesBuddy Mon 11-Mar-19 12:41:30

Oregon is Pacific NW and north of SF. Not hot in October! Santa Barbara is tricky without a car. Las Vegas is yuk. It is easier to fly down to Miami if heat is required. Personally the leaf colours elsewhere would be tops for me!

Frazzled74 Mon 11-Mar-19 20:34:53

New Orleans is a good idea, I suppose after 5 days in NY I just want a week of relaxation whilst visiting another place in the US , a bit of contrast. I don’t really want to go to another city and do lots of sightseeing. Miami is sounding the easiest, hurricanes a worry though so will do a bit more research.

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budgiegirl Tue 12-Mar-19 00:00:34

I’d say Miami, although there is a chance of a hurricane in October. Stay on either South Beach or the downtown area and use a combination of Uber , metromover and the free trolley buses to move around. Beautiful beaches and lots to do. You can also take daytrips to the Keys, the Everglades, shopping centres etc by coach if you don’t want to hire a car.

brookshelley Tue 12-Mar-19 00:08:51

Best bets would be South Florida, Hawaii, Southern California. Not much of the US is hot in October, not for swimming/summer type activities. You could get 20s in a few places but will get cool at night.

San Francisco is never hot let alone in October! Quite a temperate city.

I’ve been to New Orleans in May and it was warm but not that hot. We actually didn’t use the hotel pool at all.

MissConductUS Thu 14-Mar-19 14:54:57

Miami or the Florida Keys. The Keys are much smaller and more manageable.

pelirocco123 Thu 14-Mar-19 14:56:19

Florida gulf coast

LondonHuffyPuffy Thu 14-Mar-19 15:00:19

LA would be nice at that time of year. You don’t necessarily need a car. We took Uber’s everywhere and it ended up being cheaper than car hire over two weeks. We don’t have DC though.

LondonHuffyPuffy Thu 14-Mar-19 15:00:58

Ugh. Don’t know where that erroneous apostrophe cane from. Ubers.

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