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thailand with 10 month old

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Swiftier Tue 26-Feb-19 08:12:11

I can’t advise on the journey with a young baby but Phuket is beautiful so sure it will be worth the long and tiring flight! There are some busy parts with big resorts but also quieter beaches and you can get to a number of islands easily if you wanted to explore them.

DreamingofSunshine Mon 25-Feb-19 17:51:00

I've just come back from phuket with 18 month old DS. Phuket is great with a toddler, the locals love children and welcome them in all restaurants etc.

Emirates are very family friendly and Dubai Airport have complimentary strollers.

We did a week in phuket and a week in khao lak, I preferred khao lak as it was more chilled out. The beach was lovely and lots of beach restaurants with little tykes slides and toys.

Hkgerm Sun 24-Feb-19 09:12:55

Phuket is lovely with kids, I have been with mine a few times. The journey is no fun, but if you get a night flight your baby hopefully sleeps a lot. And normally the parents suffer more from jetlag then the kids, actually it's easier as younger they are i found. You should stay 10 days to make worthwhile if you can. Check the rain season too. From May i think it's actually not much fun as it rains quite a lot.

laurac11 Thu 21-Feb-19 21:45:06

hi all, I'm looking for some advice on travelling to Thailand from the UK with a 10 month old. We have some free flights given to us by Emirates as a compensation voucher for an issue with the flights on our honeymoon. We haven't travelled so far with our baby and unfortunately (or fortunately depending on which way you look at it!) Emirates only fly to long haul destinations from the UK as all flights go via Dubai. We've provisionally booked to go to Phuket in April, however I'm very nervous about both the flight and the impact of the time difference once we get there. We've recently had to sleep train our baby as he was waking every hour during the night and only napping on us. Since then, he's slept perfectly through the night. I"m worried about the disruption taking him so far will cause to his sleep, and also concerned about the long journey itself - what will we do to entertain him for 13 hours of flying! Any advice and recommendations would be really appreciated. thank you

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