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Virgin Atlantic - Infant Care Chair - is it a good idea?

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Lisaht Wed 04-Jul-07 15:06:34

Do you recommend booking an Infant Care Chair on a flight to the US East Coast?

We have travelled to the US several times with DS on our laps, but he is now 27 months and has his own seat, so was wondering what the best option is.

Any advice very welcome.

webwoman05 Thu 05-Jul-07 14:44:28

We went to Florida with our 2 boys recently. Our youngest was 22 months at the time and we paid for a seat for him and requested an Infant Care Chair. It's just like a car seat and it is quite good for restraining them but I don't think it was particularly comfortable for sleeping. If your DS is the type of child like mine who can get out of most straps then it is a good idea as it really does keep them in place. If he is quite good about sitting still then you might find just a regular seat and seatbelt more comfortable because if he gets tired you can lift up the arm rest and he can lie out straight across you.

Our ds did sleep a bit on the way there and ran about a fair bit aswell but luckily the flight was quite empty and the stewards and stewardesses were lovely with him. On the way back we were unfortunately near the loo and the sound of the flushing kept him awake so he spent the whole journey clamped to my chest!

Have a fab trip and hope this helps.

Lisaht Thu 05-Jul-07 20:41:39

Thank you very much webwoman05 - very helpful.

I have spoken to VA and booked the seat, as DS is not always good at sitting down, so the strapping in will probably be very useful. Am now trying to come up with enough surprises to keep him busy throughout the flight!

Snoots Wed 22-Aug-07 19:42:05

Have just returned from Vegas and had bad experience with the care seat. My son is 2 and couldn't really sit comfortably in it. I thought it would keep him in position but he just slouched and was uncomfortable. The seat is too short (unlike a carseat with its bucket seat design). He came up with the solution though....he wet himself and we had to get rid of it!!!!! Not funny at time but we can smile about it now!!! Wouldn't recommend it. I sometimes take an inflatable booster seat instead on a flight but have only done it on short haul. Worth a try to restrain a child. Good luck

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