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Vancouver help please

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BrightonBB Sat 09-Feb-19 14:54:41

Looking at Vancouver to get married but cost of accommodation is frightening and also hearing that Airbnb is outlawed there? Can anyone please help with accommodation advice? We are a family of four but our budget is pretty limited as we will be spending a lot on a mountaintop helicopter wedding. Thank you.

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jollydad Sun 10-Feb-19 14:36:11

Best advice I have is to post your question on the TripAdvisor forum for Vancouver - I have no connection with the site but find it an extremely useful resource. (You might have to join first).
There is a wealth of local experts there and you are much more likely to get useful advice than on here. Good luck with finding something!

rookiemere Mon 18-Feb-19 21:55:26

Hotel Sylvia has a great location is a bit faded but much cheaper than other hotels in the area.

MrsTerryPratcett Mon 18-Feb-19 21:56:19

YWCA hotel.

MrsTerryPratcett Mon 18-Feb-19 21:57:08

Or The Burrard.

Soontobe60 Mon 18-Feb-19 22:00:28

Have you booked your flights yet? We booked through Dial a Flight and got great deals on our hotels, even managing a couple of nights at the Shangri La for £150 a night!
You could always try Hotwire, they can have good deals.
Which mountain are you getting married on BTW?

whiteroseredrose Mon 18-Feb-19 22:05:07

When is the wedding? I've just had a look on and there's a Best Western, Chateau Granville that has a family room with 2 doubles for £873 for 4 nights 26th - 30th August. That's assuming teenaged DC. With little ones it should be cheaper.

mummymeister Thu 21-Feb-19 12:44:36

you could look at staying outside Vancouver and driving in. we stayed in Sechelt which is a bit cheaper and has Airbnb places too.

WickedGoodDoge Sun 24-Feb-19 17:51:47

We stayed at the Times Square Suites Hotel last summer (family of four). It was great- short walk to Stanley Park, five minutes to the beach at English Bay. Five minutes to the marina in the opposite direction and easy to get downtown by bus. There are loads of good restaurants within a few minutes walk as well.

We stayed in their one bedroom plus den (one teen slept on the sofa bed in the living room).

rookiemere Sun 24-Feb-19 18:30:11

Times Square Suites look really good wickedgooddoge thinking of going back next summer and spending a couple of nights in Vancouver so that DS can see around and they look perfect- bit of a step up from Hotel Sylvia

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