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Thailand in July and ethical elephants?

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mysteryfairy Sun 03-Feb-19 08:58:52

We have flights to Bangkok in mid July, just me and DH.

At the moment I have sketchy itinerary for the 14 days...2 nights Bangkok, 3 nights Chiang Mai, 4 nights Koh Samui (Bophut beach?), 2 nights elephant hills, 2 nights Bangkok.

I really want to see elephants but obviously not in an exploitative setting. Trailfinders have recommended elephant hills but also wondering about elephant nature park in Chiang Mai on basis that it could reduce number of transfers.

Would really appreciate any insights plus comments on whole itinerary, hotel recommendations for Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui etc.

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Swiftier Sun 03-Feb-19 11:35:48

Just be wary, plenty of places advertise as ‘ethical’ but sadly aren’t and offer elephant rides, forced interactions, use bullhooks etc.

Check out

Genuinely ethical!

Swiftier Sun 03-Feb-19 11:36:42

They have a park in Chiang Mai so would fit in with your itinerary.

SlowNorris Sun 03-Feb-19 11:41:13

I spent a few months volunteering with elephants all over Thailand and ENP is by far the most ethical. It was a life changing experience for me, I’m sure you’ll love it.

Mercurial123 Sun 03-Feb-19 12:24:09

Another vote for Elephant Nature Park. I volunteered with the dogs it was a great experience.

Swiftier Sun 03-Feb-19 12:31:30

Aww great to hear @SlowNorris and @Mercurial123 - Save Elephant/ENP are doing amazing work 😊 I loved seeing the elephants but I was also quite upset on hearing the stories of some of their previous lives.

Mercurial123 Sun 03-Feb-19 12:31:50

Pak Hotel in Chang Mai is great the food stalls are on your doorstep. Or cheaper and near the river Galore Guest House or Riverside House.

Hotel in Bangkok Sukosol, Novotel on Siam Square or River View Guest House.

Swiftier Sun 03-Feb-19 12:33:06

@mysteryfairy should clarify for you that Save Elephant run Elephant Nature Park.

Mercurial123 Sun 03-Feb-19 12:33:28

Sorry that should be Galare guest house.

Believability Sun 03-Feb-19 12:35:13

Elephant nature park is totally ethical. They rescue abused elephants and rehabilitate them. You absolutely cannot ride them but you can clean them and feed them and they talk about how they support them. It’s probably the best day we have ever had. No concern at all that it’s exploitative

Rulerruler Sun 03-Feb-19 12:36:28

Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park is very nice in Bangkok - only a few years old and not far from the BTS and Sukhumvitt. Nice area too as in not seedy or full of backpackers!

Mercurial123 Sun 03-Feb-19 12:36:28

Swifter it's my favourite place in Thailand. I first visited nearly ten years ago when it was a much smaller operation and met Lek. She was so dedicated. We've also done walks with the elephants from neighbouring camps which was amazing. Their stories are so sad, seeing them with broken backs is heart breaking. Elephants are so much nicer than humans.

Believability Sun 03-Feb-19 12:38:12

Also in Bangkok book a guide to take you round, we booked through your Thai guide and it made the world of difference. We did 5* luxury in Chiangmai but stayed at the Obis Riverside in Bangkok. Fairly basic but spotless rooms, excellent food and stunning setting on the water, extremely cheap

SJane45S Sun 03-Feb-19 12:56:32

My DH works in international animal welfare & recommends this place - not sure location wise it fits with your itinerary but apparently it's as good as it gets -

Have a great trip!

MiniDoofa Sun 03-Feb-19 12:59:48

I read the title as
“Thailand in July and ethical IMPLANTS”.
Sounded intriguing.
I’ll get my coat.....

Furrycushion Sun 03-Feb-19 13:03:28

Elephant National Park now have a smaller place too. Fantastic experience

Rainydays200 Thu 07-Feb-19 14:12:59

We went to Thailand last August and had a wonderful holiday.

We also visited Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai after doing lots of research about where to go that is ethical. Highly recommend them.

We passed lots of awful places on our trip to ENP and were very glad we had done the research and found such a genuine place. My children (8 and 12) both had a great day and loved feeding the elephants with watermelon slices smile

Bophut also lovely. Bangkok is hectic, but great fun if you are prepared for that. I have not been to elephant hills. We looked at it but I think it would be pretty rainy there in July?

Have a wonderful trip

Rainydays200 Thu 07-Feb-19 14:15:59

PS. Trailfinders booked us in to Amari hotel on Chewang beach. The hotel was really lovely, great pools and very good food, beach nice and sandy although the sea in front of the hotel is shallow and lagoon-like so looks lovely but not great for swimming. We went to Bophut one evening - the village looked nicer than Chewang but beach in front of the restaurant we ate in was more v fine shingle than white sand. Not sure if its the same all along Bophut and that may or may not bother you

Ooogetyooo Thu 07-Feb-19 17:16:36

We stayed at Elephant Hills last year for 2 nights I can thoroughly recommend it, our DS10 loved it .

BubblesBuddy Thu 07-Feb-19 19:51:32

I wouldn’t recommend splitting your time in Bangkok between the start and end of the holiday. That’s quite disruptive., Start there for 4 nights and organise an itinerary where you just fly back to the airport and then home. You just waste time otherwise.
Maybe fly back from Chang Mai?

Sakura7 Fri 08-Feb-19 11:42:35

Krabi Elephant Santuary is also a wonderful ethical sanctuary with only 3 retired elephants. A bit out of OP's way but just a suggestion for others.

timetomoveon Sat 09-Feb-19 09:06:05

As others have said, Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai or Elephant Haven in Kanchanaburi.

fuzzyduck1 Sun 10-Feb-19 19:54:04

Went to a good one just outside Chang Mia you get to feed pat and bath the elephants and they all looked happy and healthy (no wounds on there ears from that spike some use to control them. Mostly old working elephants but as logging is banned they have nowhere else to go.

And you get a snazzy little outfit to wear

MardAsSnails Mon 11-Feb-19 17:23:44

Another shout for Elephant Hills

LadyKalila Mon 11-Feb-19 17:26:08

There are elephants in Bangkok, if you know where to find them.

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