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Long haul trip - one parent, DCs 7 and 4

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CheshireSplat Fri 01-Feb-19 07:25:46


I'm looking for some advice.

DH is really keen on an extended holiday this summer, before DD2 starts school. I'm in a senior role in a fairly new job (18 months) and don't want to ask for extra time off.

He's suggested, which I'm happy with in principle, that we all go for the first 2 weeks, them I fly back and leave then for 2 or 3 weeks. I'll miss them, obviously, but I'm usually out of the house for 10 or 11 hours so I'm not going to make them stay home.

I was absolutely fine with this when I assumed he meant somewhere in Europe which is where we usually go since having children, but I got a bit upset when he was talking about Belize, Taiwan, Karachi. He's picked these places as Lonely Planet says they're safe.

So, does anyone have any ideas of long haul (from the UK) places which are exciting, interested, but safe? My main concern is he gets some kind of sickness or vomiting thing and is stuck in a room for days, how will he look after the girls? Plus worries about traffic and keeping an eye on both of them. Although they're well behaved and sensible and he's the primary carer so he will be fine. We've talked about hostelling so there are other people around in case of difficulties, being a direct flight from airports local to me, so I can fly there quickly if I need.

Pre children we travelled fairly extensively, so we've discounted Canada, Australia, NZ, all of S America, Central America, all of Europe as between us we've been there and he doesn't want to go back.

Does anyone have any ideas for friendly, safe but exciting places for this kind of trip?

We've mentioned Japan as well as the above.


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furryfeets Fri 01-Feb-19 15:20:06

Why not take the children to USA? I’ve been several times with dd (4) and had a great time. Completely different compared to going without dc. Same for all places I suppose.

We recently went to Hawaii which is technically USA but not mainland.
Dubai is safe and has good healthcare available. Hong Kong is next on my list but I’ve yet to go there myself.

nutellalove Fri 01-Feb-19 15:22:55

Dubai or USA definitely. Low risk of illness (Dubai is the cleanest/most hygeinic place I've ever been to). Fairly short flights and many flights a day if you were to need to fly out.

nutellalove Fri 01-Feb-19 15:24:04

PS am slightly concerned by his 'safe' travels list! I would go by the foreign office list, this is also what travel agencies often use and wouldn't pay out if you travel to places not reccomendxed by the foreign office

furryfeets Fri 01-Feb-19 15:24:20

Oh re read your thread. I’ve only stayed in hotels everywhere never been to a hostel.
Dubai is too hot in summer as well. I’ve normally found that Summer is worst time to go long haul. Check the weather as well as if the country is ‘safe’ adverse weather can make it unsafe as well. Have you thought about the logistics of two dc in a plane alone as well. Plenty of people do it but it’s not easy!

furryfeets Fri 01-Feb-19 15:26:51

I always use the HO travel advice. And then I might do a little bit more research. USA can seem like a completely different country if you choose one state over another. I would probably go there. I’ve always found it very easy to entertain dd and most people have been very friendly. There are facilities everywhere etc. You need all this with young dc. Not sure about their places mentioned originally as I haven’t been to those places.

SeaToSki Fri 01-Feb-19 15:39:39

New England, lots to do, no language barrier, they love kids, easy flight, not too hot

averythinline Fri 01-Feb-19 15:47:04

Not Karachi ....

I wouldnt rule places out just because you have been to them before - travelling with children is different.... I would proabbly start with where the climate will be easy to manage! (I am very practical though) and there is good healthcare

also have a reasonable chance of being understood - so Sth America with Spanish....

You probably havent been to all of the US or Canada - in Europe how about Scandinavia - lots of daylight and not too hot!

Malaysia/Singapore for longhaul - when you are there maybe go see orang-utans!

South Africa - Safari good if Dc are early risers and will be winter there so think a good time..

StillSmallVoice Fri 01-Feb-19 15:48:30

Canada? You can cross the Rocky Mountains on a train, and Vancouver is a lovely city.

Sortingfinances Fri 01-Feb-19 22:19:30

I took my lot backpacking/installing on my own to Borneo last summer. What about Malaysia? Cheap, good food, no-one sick, air Asia flights mean you can move around easily without v long bus journeys.
Hostels worked well - plenty of people around for adult company but still calm. Family rooms.
Usually a few board games etc too.
Could he fly ahead for a few days so they are over jetlag when you get there? 2 one-week apart rather than 2 weeks in one go?

Sortingfinances Fri 01-Feb-19 22:20:25

Also Sri Lanka and Kenya?
Costa Rica?

Swiftier Sun 03-Feb-19 13:29:58

Japan! It’s quite hot in summer but you could go to the mountains or north (Hokkaido). It’s very safe in all senses, transport, roads etc, eating out (very clean!) and personal safety.

It’s very child friendly and I think it would be fun for kids- there’s a Disney near Tokyo if that’s your thing, there are arcades with kid friendly games (ie not just shooting games) everywhere, lots of ‘cute’ decorations - for example some of the Shinkansen (bullet trains) are themed with Hello Kitty, Pokemon etc designs.

Swiftier Sun 03-Feb-19 13:31:21

I personally wouldn’t recommend Dubai as it’s quite featureless and modern, it’s very conservative and unless you want to stay in an all inclusive and relax by the pool/go shopping there’s not loads to do - especially for an extended break.

SJane45S Wed 06-Feb-19 09:04:36

As others have said, Dubai will be nastily hot in the summer - all the ex pats will have flown back here for their summer holidays. Also pretty dull (& I used to live there) for a couple of weeks in his own. I’m not sure how safe Karachi would be! How about Sri Lanka? I think the East Coast is meant to be weather wise better in our summer. We’re going at Easter & hotels & drivers have worked out really inexpensive. There’s a lot of wildlife, history etc & the foreign office advice suggests it’s pretty safe if you keep to some basic rules

WhatHaveIFound Wed 06-Feb-19 14:03:57

I wouldn't have thought Karachi was safe. I was there pre 9/11 and we had armed guards at our hotel. How old are your DC? Have you discussed Thailand, Malaysia and/or Singapore?

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