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Jet lag 4 month old returning from NZ/OZ

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Jasmith7 Fri 01-Feb-19 05:16:11

Hi all looking for anyone who has any advice... we have just returned from our trip we spent four weeks in New Zealand and a few days in Sydney. My four month old son was pretty jet lagged when we got there for the first few days but it didn’t seem so bad.
Well we returned on Monday and it’s hit him hard on Feb return hasn’t this happened to anyone else?
Currently he’s shattered most of the afternoon... he can’t jeep his eyes open past 5pm I’ve been trying to keep him up until his normal bedtime at 7.30 but I think I’m making it worse? He’s then up between 10-11 for a feed and then from 12.30 he’s literally up every 45 mins! I nurse him back to sleep, sssh him, give him his dummy I’ve been trying to wean him off the dummy but at the moment with the jet lag it’s too hard!
He’s then ping awake at 4.30am chatting away ready to start the day! I also think the four month regression has hit which hasn’t helped as he can’t self settle.
My question is am I supposed to just let him sleep at 5pm when he’s exhausted? And just get up at 5am until this passes? Then work on his routine after? Any help would be greatly appreciated I’m exhausted!
Thank you x

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Jasmith7 Fri 01-Feb-19 05:19:47

I should add returning to the UK!! We live in the UK x

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TeddyIsaHe Fri 01-Feb-19 05:20:04

I would let him sleep, sleep begets sleep. So an overtired baby will wake more. Makes no sense I know!

I think you’ve hit the 4 month regression at the same time, so it might be rough for a few more weeks yet. But yes, try and get him to sleep as much as you can (naps, earlier bedtime etc) and see how you get on.

WinterHeatWave Fri 01-Feb-19 05:28:18

Yep, put him to bed at 5, and expect a VERY early start, so make sure you go to bed early too. Roughly a day to get over each time zone crossed - so your looking at 2 weeks to adjust.

Have a think at what you can do at 3am tomorrow when you are wide awake!

Aquilla Fri 01-Feb-19 05:44:11

This sounds very familiar! Just go with it, OP. I'm exactly the same as an adult!

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